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Rapid Application Moss Mould Lichen Algae Remover 2L

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Rapid Application Moss Mould Lichen & Algae Remover

Rapid Application for moss removal, mould removal, algae removal & lichen removal is a sister product to the original blue Wet and Forget Moss, Mould, Lichen & Algae Remover.  They have exactly the same active ingredient (unique to us) and will cover a similar area. It is only the faster application, using the revolutionary Reach Nozzle that is so different!

  • Rapid Application is non caustic and non acidic and contains NO bleach which gives it an endless shelf life.
  • Rapid Application is safe to use on ANY exterior surface.  
    Choose ONE PRODUCT to clean ALL exterior surfaces. 
  • Rapid Application is your concentrate and garden sprayer all in one.
    That means NO mixing!  NO Measuring!  NO mess!
    This bottle automatically regulates the dilution rate for you for effortless spraying.
  • The most outstanding feature of Rapid Application is its Reach Nozzle with its unparalleled reach of 8m or 2 storeys without using a ladder!  
    How amazing is that?   You don't need a ladder to remove moss, to remove the lichen or black fungi from outdoor surfaces!
  • For large concrete driveways, paths and more importantly, your roof - the revolutionary Reach Nozzle gives you an incredibly fast application - more than fifty times that of a garden sprayer.   

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Wet & Forget Moss Mould Lichen & Algae Remover

Wet & Forget saves you $$$$$$$$$       WHY?   
Because you don't need to buy different products for different jobs!
Choose ONE PRODUCT to clean ALL exterior surfaces. 
Absolutely SAFE to use on any exterior surface.  Wet & Forget cleans without having to waterblast or scrub the surface!
  • Wet & Forget Moss, Mould, Lichen, Black Fungi & Algae Remover has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for moss removal, mould removal and lichen removal on absolutely ANY exterior surface. 
  • Wet & Forget Moss, Mould, Lichen, Black Fungi & Algae Remover is the safest, most effective way of removing these exterior growths without scouring the surface it has infested.
  • When diluted with water and applied, it immediately attacks those unsightly growths such as moss, mould, lichen or green algae.  Each time it rains, this weathering helps to remove the decomposing biological growth of moss, mould, lichen and algae.
  • Wet & Forget Moss, Mould, Lichen, Black Fungi & Algae Remover is 
    non caustic, non acidic and contains absolutely NO bleach.  It has an unlimited shelf life.
  • 5L Concentrate makes up 30L product.

IMPORTANT: You can't use regular Wet & Forget 5L (blue) with the Rapid Application hose fitting. It will NOT work as dilution rates are very different!

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Double Bubble House Wash

Double Bubble House Wash makes house washing so easy.  This special house wash is formulated to remove dirt and grime - not moss and mould.  The build up of biological growth & airborne contaminants break down paint prematurely resulting in having to repaint years earlier than you'd like.
  • Double Bubble House Wash uses our revolutionary Reach Nozzle to spray up to 8m or 2 storeys. Use this in conjunction with our 2 storey, 4.6m extendable house brush to keep your paint or house exterior, in tip top condition.
  • Double Bubble House Wash assists you to easily dissolve dirt and grime as well as the build-up of airborne contaminants that accumulates on your paintwork. This is different from Wet & Forget or Rapid Application which target moss, mould and lichen on your paintwork.
  • Use Double Bubble House Wash once a year as part of your annual maintenance - it could double the life of your paint!  So a couple of hours once a year washing your house with Double Bubble from Wet & Forget is time and money wisely spent.
  • Double Bubble House Wash is an extremely fast way to apply the product esp with its 8m Reach Nozzle.

    Double Bubble - How To Use + FAQs

    Window Witch Exterior Glass Cleaner

  • Window Witch exterior Glass Cleaner is the best window cleaner ever. Streak free! No need to squeegee ever again with this 'Invisible Liquid Squeegee'
    So take the hard work out of cleaning windows!
  • Window Witch by Wet and Forget is your concentrate and garden sprayer all in one to make cleaning windows even easier.
  • Window Witch exterior glass cleaner is a combination of smart surfactants that dissolve grime right off your dirty windows.
  • Window Witch's ingredients have a unique formula containing citrate water softeners and high performance additives to sheet water from the window, eliminating water spotting.  
    NOTE: It will not remove hard water spotting (undissolved minerals).
  • Window Witch makes window cleaning so easy as it uses our specialised Reach Nozzle to give you an 8 metre reach.  That's 2 storeys high!  That means NO ladders needed.
  • Click our Reach Nozzle onto your hose. Off you go!   It's such a fast way to apply the product.
  • Coverage is up to 600m2
  • Window Witch - FAQs

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Good but expensive

    This is a great and effective product but purchasing smaller quantities proves to be very expensive when compared to other similar products. Maybe when sales come up in future decent discounts on 2 pks ( over and above every day prices) could be offered. As we dont have an outlet near to us we have to add postage to the cost.

    G.T, thanks very much for your feedback and we love that you found Rapid Application to be a great and effective product.
    Our multi pack offers provide great value and of course with an indefinite shelf life, thats a good reason to stock up and get the best value overall.

    What a Time and Effort Saver!

    We are long term users of Wet and Forget around our lifestyle property. One of the main jobs is keeping our 6000 sq ft steel shed free of moss, algae, and lichen. For some years we used the original Wet and Forget in a spray pack, with husband on the roof spraying, and me on the ground pumping the mix up to him through the 30ft extension. Several times divorce was close.
    Then I discovered the Rapid Spray version. What used to take us a good few hours and two people, was reduced to one person, a hose and a ladder, and probably around 2 hours total - much of the time spent moving the ladder along. The Reach nozzle means I can reach the centre of the shed from the ladder. Much safer these days than either of us being up on the slippery roof.
    We spray the shed about 3 times a year, and it keeps it in good condition.
    If I could have one little improvement, it would be to have "Miss Muffet's Revenge" added to the mix, so that I can do the whole job in one go!!
    Thanks so much for a great product.

    The safety aspect is a real winner - we agree!