Cleaning Solar Panels on Roofs & RVs

Solar Panels need to be cleaned to get the best out of themCleaning Solar panels is no different to cleaning your roof.  Solar panels can slowly develop organic growths like moss, mould lichen and algae just like your roof or any other exterior surface.  These organic growths on your solar panels can reduce power outputs and create hot spots.  So if you are wanting to maximise your power output and protect the surface of the panels, then keeping these solar panels clean is essential.

Because most solar panels are high up on roofs of RV's or houses - we recommend using Rapid Application because there is no need to climb ladders to apply it.  This makes it safe to apply.  You'll also love how fast it is to apply.

The time it takes to come clean depends on the severity of the contamination so be patient if your clean up is the first in a long time.
Spray with confidence on or under solar panels to remove any hidden lichen or other biological growth. This is absolutely safe on these surfaces!  Moss, mould or algae build-up under a solar panel on the RV is very obvious here. This is where Rapid Application will reach under the solar panel easily!Mould found underneath a solar panel
Rapid Application is the best way to clean solar panelsFor more information and video on how to use Rapid Application Click Here

Rapid Application removes moss and lichen from solar panels

Buy Window Witch to clean dirt and grime off solar panelsHowever, if you do not have heavy contamination on the solar panels and you do not have the need to get rid of moss, mould, algae or lichen - then use Window Witch which specifically targets getting general dirt and grime off solar panels rather than the heavier growths.