Double Bubble - FAQ

How Do I use Double Bubble?

  1. Connect Double Bubble Reach Nozzle to your hose.
  2. Rotate black dial on the Reach Nozzle to the ‘ON’ setting
  3. Thoroughly saturate the surface with the product.
  4. Apply to manageable sections of paintwork.
  5. Leave for 2 mins before agitation - no longer.
  6. Agitate with our house wash brush.
  7. Rinse off by turning black dial back to ‘WATER’ setting. 
    Again - do not let the product dry.
  • Double Bubble gives coverage up to 550m2

Double Bubble is a fantastic house wash to remove dirt and grime

    What is the Difference between Double Bubble & Rapid Application?

    Double Bubble is a combination of cutting edge surfactants to help dissolve dirt and grime. Rapid Application/Wet & Forget both target moss, mould, lichen, algae and black fungi contamination.

    How Will Double Bubble clean my windows?

    It will clean the windows but it won’t sheet off so you’d still have to squeegee. Best to wash the house first and then use Window Witch by Wet and Forget, for the windows.

    What surfaces does Double Bubble clean?

    ALL types of weatherboards including vinyl, colour steel and linea. Painted blockwork / solid plastered homes.

    Is Double Bubble toxic if I get overspray in my fish pond?

    Double Bubble is a combination of ‘cutting edge’ surfactants to help dissolve dirt, grime and other contaminants which helps enormously when brushing down after application. However, do not allow into fish ponds as we all know that even milk will kill fish.

    Does your Double Bubble broom connect to a hose?

    Our newer extension poles have the option to be connected to a hose but this is not needed because you are using our Reach Nozzle on the Double Bubble product already and this automatically pulls the water through for you.