Bone Dry - 5L

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Bone Dry Sealant for Porous Surfaces

  • Bone Dry is a Moss & Mould Retardant and Stain & Water Repellent to protect and moisture proof porous surfaces such as bricks, pavers, concrete timber decks and clay pots. 
  • Bone Dry is great to help protect any porous surfaces such as pavers, decks, bricks, canvas etc. It is especially good for timber decks after they have come clean. Also great for areas such as paths on the South side of your house or areas with overhanging trees where there is a lot of dampness etc. (Make sure they are clean and dry first though before applying)
  • If porous areas stay damp in the winter, do preventative maintenance and apply Bone Dry in the summer when the surface is dry and clean.
  • Coverage:     5L is100m2    2L is 40m2
  • Bone Dry - FAQs

Sprayer - 7L Marolex

  • All seals & O rings are made of Viton© (not rubber) which are chemically resistant to a wide range of aggressive chemicals
  • The 7L sprayer is supplied with a stainless steel 1.1m telescopic lance
  • Highly efficient high pressure pump for excellent spraying pressure
  • Spare parts readily available for repairs
  • Reinforced PVC delivery hose for long life with pressure relief safety valve
  • Graduated markings for filling
    Today this sprayer comes with 2 FREE flat fan nozzles for high speed application and a wider spray pattern (Value of gift is $15)
  • Optional Extra - The 3m extension telescopic lance is a real beaut for those harder to reach jobs!  Easy interchange at the handle.
  • Optional Extra - The spray guard stops any overspray in specialised areas

7L Pump Garden Sprayer For Total Quality & Convenience 16L Pump Garden Sprayer For Those Larger Jobs 2L Pump Sprayer For Smaller Jobs

    Hit The Deck - Deck Cleaner

    • Hit The Deck - Deck Cleaner is for cleaning those dirty or blackened decks and absolutely any other timber surfaces - to give you more instant results. Check the video and testimonials.  It's truly amazing!
    • Hit The Deck - Deck Cleaner is designed to take most of the hard work out of heavy duty cleaning on any softwood or hardwood decks (most common ones being pine or kwila decks), cedar weatherboards, fences, outdoor furniture, log cabins and pergolas.  
    • This is by using the pure cleaning power of oxygen.  
    • Coverage: About 60m

    NOTE:  If your deck has been stained or oiled it may be difficult for Hit The Deck to penetrate the surface and remove biological build-up. This is very relevant to decks that have been stained or oiled regularly over many years.

    Customer Reviews

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    Bone Dry is the Best!

    Just a note about a fantastic product I used two years ago on my Kwila outdoor furniture and timber deck. The product is called Bone Dry! I had cleaned up my very , green, grotty deck and furniture and with such a lot of work wanted to try and keep it this way. A friend told me about Bone Dry as he had used it. I didn’t want a varnish or stain type finish and was assured you don’t really even see this product on the timber.
    He said it would keep the timber sealed and slow down the mould and algae! He was dead right! Two grotty wet winters and the deck and furniture still look like new! A fantastic product and so easy to use, as per your instructions. Thanks from a very happy customer.

    Bone Dry

    I am writing to let you know about your product Bone Dry. I live on a farm with a pine deck that faces south. It is probably 8 years old now. At the beginning of last summer I desperately needed to clean it as it had gone very black and slippery. I used Wet & Forget to clean it and was amazed at how it came up! Just like new almost. But, I was also aware that facing south and being cold and wet, the mould was likely to come back again. I went online and bought your product Bone Dry. It said it was a moisture-proofer that kept about 80 to 90% of the moisture out of the pine but that it wasn't slippery. In fact, was hard to see once applied. We have now been through a very wet Autumn, Winter and Spring and the deck still looks as good as the day we applied the Bone Dry. A big thanks for a fantastic product.