Pesky Critter Water Repeller

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Pesky Critter Water Repeller

  • Pesky Critter is the Best Water Deterrent for Small Animals.  No need to worry about pets digging up your garden anymore.  Use this very efficient repellent and deterrent!  Protect your yard, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers water features from hungry or destructive or invasive, annoying animal intruders.
  • The Pesky Critter is solar powered and uses rechargeable batteries.  Its motion-activated sprinkler, automatically detects deer, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, hedgehogs, birds, ducks and more .... as they approach.
  • It repels them with a short but startling burst of water.  The sudden noise, movement and spray, scares the 'unwanted' animals away and teaches them to avoid the area in the future. 
  • As a by-product, it is great fun for the kids in the summertime to play water games when they run past it.

Cheesed Off For Mice

  • Cheesed Off For Mice eradicates those mice the easy and safe way.

  • Cheesed Off MouseTrap comes with a powerful 'easy to set' trap. This trap can be removed and replaced with a rodent bait if preferred but cheese and peanut butter are often more readily available.

  • Durable and lockable, the Cheesed Off Mouse Trap will prevent accidental contact (with the trap/bait) by children or pets and provide protection from the weather when used outdoors.
  • Cheesed Off for Mice - FAQs

Cheesed Off for Rats

  • Cheesed Off For Rats kills and eradicates those nuisance rats the easy way.
  • Safe for children & other animals.
  • Durable and lockable, the Cheesed Off Rat Trap will prevent accidental contact (with the trap/bait) by children or pets and provide protection from the weather when used outdoors.
  • Cheesed Off for Mice - FAQs

  • Helpful Hints:  
    a.   Don’t touch anywhere near the circular entrance/opening with bare hands because rats can smell human interference.
    b.   A customer who in 17 days caught 13 Rats in his Cheesed off Rat Trap baited his trap with peanut butter and ¼ of a banana in the far corner of the trap. The banana smell helps to attract the rat in. (change the banana every few days)

  • Did You Know?   Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over a million descendants  

Ants In Ya Pants for Ant Control

Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Control

  • Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Control is a long term exterior & interior spider control which provides an impassable barrier to spiders.
  • Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Control is "ready to use" with its own applicator (has jet and spray nozzle adjustments).
  • Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Control by Wet & forget can stop cobwebs for up to 12 months in areas where there is no weathering (such as under soffits) 
  • Miss Muffet's Revenge - FAQs          

Bugga Off Bug Control

Bugga Off is for long Term Bug Control.

Customer Reviews

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Cats be gone!!!

Pretty sure my place had been advertised as the local public toilet for the entire neighbourhood of cats. After spending copious amounts on products that promised to repel the cats but had no impact and having my neighbours wondering why their dog all of a sudden developed ‘hay fever’ which I knew was a direct result of the concoction of spices I had spread all over my yard (garlic, paprika and cayenne pepper). I was at my wits end after picking up over 2kgs of stinky cat poop (was away for 3 weeks). I found the Pesky Critter Repeller online, I hopped straight in my car and drove to my nearest store. What followed was hours of entertainment as I laughed at the cats that scattered in all directions. Not only did I see flashes of fluff racing past my window at one hell of a speed but the security system cameras also picked up the startled cats getting their just deserts. Not even a week later and I haven’t seen one cat brave enough to take on the device. Cats be gone somewhere else and I’m as happy as Larry 🤣

Love the funny 'journalism' here. Can just visualise the funny side of this. Best results though!!!

Soooo satisfying!

This works exactly as you would hope.. We had issues with neighbours cats coming round, and they certainly don't anymore! great sensitivity and it really goes off like a mad thing. LOVE IT

Fabulous - good trick to play on friends as well

Pesky Critter Repeller

Well, after weeks of having my spring garden dug up by the neighborhood cats, trust me I was over it.
I had tried every cat repellent known to man and the internet, none of which worked.
I appeared to be a game with the cats, and one I was not going to lose.
I purchased the Pesky Critter Repeller yesterday and set it up last night.
This morning, "Victory", no holes or cat poop in the garden. I estimate from the water on the ground and that the fence was still wet that it had gone off quite a few times overnight. I wish I had a camera set up, it would have been great to see.
Forget about the price this weapon has saved my garden and my sanity. I can 100% recommend this product.
Thanks W&F

Love your story - thanks for sharing!