Ants in ya Pants - FAQs

How Does Ants In Ya Pants Work?

      Ants In Ya Pants is the Best for Ant Control
  1. Squeeze the gel into a bait station and place wherever you see a trail of ants
  2. Worker ants will enter the bait station through a small round hole to pick up the gel bait and will take the bait back to the colony
  3. Inside the colony, the Queen Ant consumes the bait.
  4. This kills her and terminates this particular colony.

Be Patient:

The gel is slow acting so allow time for it to be introduced to the ant nest - usually up to one week for optimal results. In some instances, it is possible to have multiple nests. Even though one ant nest is destroyed, other ant nests may invade other areas - so persevere as you will get rid of them eventually.

How long before we can see any reaction?

It will take a few days for the bait to become effective and for it to be carried back to the nest/nests.

How Does Ants In Ya Pants work?

The product is carried back to the nest for the Queen Ant to digest. When she has gone the nest no longer operates.

How long does AIYP last after you open it?

Seal it in an airtight bag & store in a cool dry place to get an extended shelf life.

Is Ants In Ya Pants waterproof?

It is not waterproof so always place the bait down when it is not raining or use the 4 bait stations provided. The ants will take it up very quickly and hopefully before it does rain.