MagNif Wheel Cleaner - FAQs

Does Magnif Wheel Cleaner have any acid in it?

No it doesn’t.  It has a pH of 6.8. Tap water is pH7

What type of mags will Magnif clean?

Good for all mag wheels except uncoated, bare polished aluminium.  
Magnif cleans all mags except uncoated aluminium mags

Does Magnif Wheel Cleaner protect the mags from dust build up or does it work like a repellent?

No it does not protect from dust build up as that is impossible - but once the mags are cleaned back to the original finish, it takes a lot longer for the break dust to become apparent.

Do I have to scrub the mags with a hard or soft brush at all?

No not at all.  We suggest that it is applied and then left to dwell.  You will see the break dust dissolving as a purple liquid. The Fox Tail MagNif brush allows you to get right inside the wheel, whereas most other brushes - just simply don’t reach. Light agitation is all that is needed as it is the product that does the hard work.

Could it damage my driveway?

The product won’t, but the break dust itself will deposit on the concrete. It is advisable to always saturate the concrete with water and then leave the hose running on the concrete to flush the dust away. The other option is to do it on your neighbour’s driveway if you don’t like him!!  Another option is to do the cleaning on grass.