Wet & Forget - FAQs

Will Wet and Forget affect my pets?

Not under normal circumstances but normal safety precautions prevail. If they accidentally walk or sit in the product - wash their feet and bottoms with fresh water as a precaution.
Pet Precautions

If I am on tank water, can I use Wet and Forget on my roof?

Sure can. But you must disconnect the water supply to your tank for 3-4 weeks or have at least 36ml of rain to remove the concentrate. Wet and Forget has been used for over 35 years to treat biological growth on roofs.

Can I change the specified ratios given in the instructions for Wet & Forget?

Yes. If the contamination is extreme, increase the strength for a quicker reaction. However, if you have cleaned the surface previously with Wet & Forget and you want to give it just a maintenance spray, you can decrease the strength if the contamination is light. The cleaning process will still be just as effective.

Do I have to use Wet & Forget all at once?

No, but good planning is essential. Work to a pattern so you know where you have started and stopped. The product is fine if left in the spray container as it does not deteriorate when it has been diluted. Plus it will not damage your garden sprayer as the product is not corrosive.

How long will Wet & Forget last in the container?

Wet & Forget has unlimited shelf life. Always keep the cap done up tightly and the container out of reach of children.

How long does it take Wet & Forget to work?

It is totally dependent on the intensity of the contamination. If it is really light you will see results within days. Otherwise it may take approximately 2-3 months to see improvements. Your concrete may turn an orangy brown when the Wet & Forget is applied. This is normal and shows you have had a good reaction. The discoloration will dissipate over a short period of time and is not permanent. The good news is that when you use it again the following season, the clean up will occur within weeks. In the very worst case scenario where contamination is extreme, it may take 6-12months.

What is the dilution rate and coverage area of Wet & Forget?

Dilute Wet & Forget 1 part to 5 parts water. Every 5L pack yields 30L of product to spray. With this, you will get coverage of between 100-300m2 depending on the porosity of the surface. ie painted surfaces will use less product but porous surfaces readily absorb the product and therefore coverage could be in the range of 100-150m2

When is the best time to apply Wet & Forget?

On a cool, dry windless day and when no rain is expected for 4-6 hours. Often the evening is best when evaporation of the product is minimal. This will ensure that the surface to be treated stays wet with Wet & Forget for an extended period.

Will Wet & Forget damage my plants?

Not unless you are directly spraying it onto the plants. If you accidentally do this, then rinse the plants down with water from the hose. Or better still, protect them with paper or plastic to avoid overspray.

Will Wet & Forget remove the mould off my timber decks?

Most definitely! But if your deck is older and has never been cleaned, it may be noticeably blackened with the contamination. In this case, it would be advantageous to wait a month after the application of Wet and Forget and give the area a light brush with a broom or scrubbing brush with warm water to remove it. The good news is that you should only have to do this once and then the maintenance becomes so easy.  Also check out our other amazing product, Hit The Deck,  for a more instant result (although it does involve more elbow grease!)

Will Wet & Forget get moss out of lawns?

Sure will! Firstly lightly water the lawn but not enough to saturate the moss. Do this late in the day when the sun is low so that evaporation is kept to a minimum. Dilute the 5L Wet & Forget 7 parts water to 1 part Wet & Forget and spot spray the moss. You may have to give it a couple of goes until you have it under control. At worst you may get slight burning on the grass but it will recover very quickly. Rake the dead moss out. then sprinkle lime over the area as this is usually a sign that your pH of the soil is not quite right.

How much Wet & Forget will I need to clean my roof?

The average 3 bedroom tile roof is approx 150m2 but because of the undulations of the tile profile the actual area is a lot bigger. Therefore an average tile/concrete roof would require 2 x 5 litre packs, depending on how porous the surface is and how much biological growth is present. For an average 3 bedroom tile roof with lichen you would require 3 x 5 litre packs depending on the total area covered with lichen.
For Lichen removal:
For best results mix the Wet & Forget and spot spray the lichen, leave for 10-15 minutes and then respray the lichen and the entire roof to ensure the plant absorbs the Wet & Forget thoroughly. The first application is to dissolve the waxy surface. The 2nd spray will then penetrate the lichen.
For green moss and black mould:
For green moss and black mould one application is normally sufficient.