Salt Shaker Boat and Trailer Wash Down
Salt Shaker Boat and Trailer Wash Down

Salt Shaker Boat and Trailer Wash Down

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  •  Salt Shaker® Boat and Trailer Wash Down is a blend of surfactants and protective anti-corrosive compounds to remove the damaging effects of salt on your boat and trailer.

  • Salt Shaker® Boat and Trailer Wash Down dissolves the corrosive salt to clean down your boat & trailer.

  • With an easy to use Hose End system, this 2L concentrate Salt Shaker® Boat and Trailer Wash Down makes approx 240L of product. Couldn't be easier!  No mixing!  No mess!

    Salt Shaker Tackle Wash to Prevent Corrosion
  • Ordinary fresh water does not dissolve salt effectively and therefore it requires a product like Salt Shaker to do the job. The surfactants attack the salt molecules, breaking them down and allowing them to be flushed away. By applying another spray after washdown you will be left with a protective coating.

  • Salt Shaker Fishing Tackle Wash®  uses a 2L 'Ready To Use' container.
    Couldn't be easier!  No mixing!  No mess! 

    Salt Shaker Boat and Trailer Wash to Prevent Salt Corrosion

+ Salt Shaker Boat and Trailer Wash® gives protection from the ‘ravages of salt corrosion’.

    Instructions for using Salt Shaker Boat & Trailer Wash to flush outboard motors:

    1. For engines up to 100Hp pour 50mls of Salt Shaker Boat & Trailer Wash into any recognised brand engine muffs or dispensing bowl. Engines between 100-300Hp use 80-100mls of Salt Shaker Boat & Trailer Wash.
    2. Connect the muffs to the engine and have water supply turned on full. Start the engine to allow the water and Salt Shaker Boat & Trailer Wash to flow through the motor.  Foam will be seen coming from the exhaust.
    3. Only allow the motor to run for no more than 60 seconds or so. Otherwise all the Salt Shaker Boat & Trailer Wash will be flushed out of the engine.  The object is to leave Salt Shaker Boat & Trailer Wash inside the cooling system.  This will help dissolve any salt build up and also leave a protective layer of the product on the internal componentry.
    4. Make sure you always follow the engine manufacturer’s flushing instructions.
    Salt Shaker Trailer and Boat Wash with Reach Nozzle Attachment
    1. Simply plug your hose onto the Reach Nozzle of the Salt Shaker, Boat and Trailer Wash®

    1. Spray both boat and trailer with either the jet or spray setting.
    2. Leave for 10 minutes and to finish, turn the Reach Nozzle to WATER only and then wash down.
    Reapply to trailer ONLY (springs, brakes &chassis) to help prevent corrosion