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  • Hit The Deck® Deck Cleaner is for cleaning those dirty or blackened decks and absolutely any other timber surfaces - to give you more instant results. Check the video and testimonials.  It's truly amazing!
  • Hit The Deck® Deck Cleaner is designed to take most of the hard work out of heavy duty cleaning on any softwood or hardwood decks (most common ones being pine or kwila decks), cedar weatherboards, fences, outdoor furniture, log cabins and pergolas.  
  • This is by using the pure cleaning power of oxygen.  
  • Coverage: About 60m
NOTE: If your deck has been stained or oiled it may be difficult for Hit The Deck to penetrate the surface and remove biological build-up. This is very relevant to decks that have been stained or oiled regularly over many years.

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What Does Hit The Deck Do?

Hit the Deck (HTD) removes heavy contamination of black mould from all timber surfaces. Timber, if left uncleaned for some time, will turn black with UV degraded layers of wood fibre. The biological growth stubbornly holds on to the timber. Once it reaches this state, standard cleaning methods are quite difficult.

How Does Hit The Deck Work?

When our pure oxygen product, Hit The Deck, is applied to the deck it immediately starts to lift the UV degraded wood fibre and the contamination, mould, mildew and organic matter with it. Using a hard, short bristled, deck scrubber and minimal effort, the contamination will lift easily. Just hose with reasonable pressure and the "marshmallow-like" layer will vanish to reveal a stunning, fresh, new timber look.

How Safe is Hit The Deck?

With care, Hit The Deck will not harm healthy plants. It will not burn skin or damage clothes. It is harmless to all exterior surfaces such as joinery glass or outdoor furniture & safe around pools. Just use good old common sense.

+ Hit The Deck® is not a dangerous household bleach. It’s non-caustic & non-acidic.

+ Hit The Deck® has no harmful byproducts on decomposition.

+ Hit The Deck® works with pure oxygen to clean without damage.


  • Make sure your deck is dry and choose a cool time to avoid evaporation of product
  • If your deck is huge – do in smaller sections
  • Use a garden sprayer to apply Hit The Deck to your DRY deck surface as per instructions.
  • Leave it on the surface for about 30 mins. Do not let it dry out. 

  • Scrub the surface with one of our specialized, hard, short bristled, brooms.
  • Hose off as you go and watch the surface contamination peel off.

Job complete

  • Using our ‘Hit The Deck’ short, hard bristled broom is your secret weapon to remove surface contamination easily.

  • Seal the surface when the deck is clean and dry - with Wet & Forget's porous surface sealant called Bone Dry® - for longer protection
  • Bone Dry® will seal this porous surface to keep the moss and mould at bay for longer.
    Bone Dry Seals Porous Surfaces

  • NOTE: on new decks - (resins and colour need to leach out for 6 mths before application)
  • Always make sure deck is completely DRY and totally CLEAN before application.
  • Summer is the best time to apply in readiness for the following winter


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