Thirsty Petrol Head Car Towel - FAQs

What is the Thirsty Petrol Head Car Towel made of?

There are many different types of materials used for towels, including cotton, terrycloth, microfibre and chamois. This quality towel is a combination of two fabrics.
  • Polyester - which is for strength and longevity
  • Polymide for unbelievable absorption to dry your whole car extremely quickly. 

How do you use the Thirsty Petrol Head Car Towel?

When drying your car, do your best to use long motions. This will ensure that your entire vehicle is dry and avoids creating streaks or spots on the paint

Use Petrol Head Shampoo and Shine for the very best results when cleaning your car. Avoid using soap! as this can create residue on the paint and make it more difficult for the towel to absorb water.

How do you store a Thirsty Petrol Head Car Towel after use?

When you’re not using your towel, be sure to hang it up to air. If you just leave it on the ground, it will get both mouldy and dirty. Don’t allow it to touch the ground. This is to avoid getting dirt on it before you use it again. You definitely don’t want dirt scratching the paint on your vehicle.

How do you clean the Thirsty Petrol Head Car Towel?

To maintain the towel in pristine condition put your Thirsty Petrol Head Towel through a cold wash cycle with only half the normal dose of our BEE Laundry Powder - maybe 3 times a year.  Do not iron.

Can you use the Thirsty Petrol Head Car Towel to dry anything else?

Sure can. The uses are endless and not limited to just these options.
The Petrol Head Thirsty Towel is suitable for so many drying opportunities