Bugga Off Bug Control
Bugga Off Bug Control
Bugga Off Bug Control
Bugga Off Bug Control

Bugga Off Bug Control

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Bugga Off® is for long Term Bug Control.

  • Bugga Off® targets all crawly, 6 legged bugs and is especially good for Cockroaches and Fleas.   Not to mention slaters, earwigs and silverfish!  

                  Miss Muffet's Revenge for Spider Control   Ant killer    
  • Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Control is a long term exterior & interior spider control which provides an impassable barrier to spiders.
  • Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Control is "ready to use" with its own applicator (has jet and spray nozzle adjustments).
  • Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Control by Wet & forget can stop cobwebs for up to 12 months in areas where there is no weathering (such as under soffits)
                       Miss Muffet's Revenge Extendable Cobweb Brush (2.5m)          Miss Muffet's Revenge Extendable Cobweb Brush (4.5m)   
  • Ants In Ya Pants is for total Ant Control to get rid of any nuisance invasion of ants from all around the house.
  • The gel in Ants In Ya Pants is slow acting to allow time for it to be introduced to the ant nest - usually up to one week for optimal results.
  • It is possible to have multiple ant nests. Even though one ant nest is destroyed, other ants from other nests may invade other areas - so persevere, as you will get rid of them eventually.
  • Ants In Ya Pants comes with 4 bait stations for easy use to protect bird life and to keep the product fresh for longer.
  • Ants In Ya Pants is really good because this bait attracts ants that like both sweet and protein food
      Miss Muffet's Revenge for Spider Control    Bugga Off for bug and cockroach control    Cheesed Off for catching mice

What does Bugga Off kill?

Crawly bugs such as cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, slaters etc

Does Bugga Off kill Bora?


Bugga Off to the fleas!! – if I spray carpet for fleas, do I have to take pets away?

Only mist lightly with the product & remove pets until surface is dry. Always do a test spray first on internal surfaces

With the applicator gun - what does 4m reach mean?

The gun will spray a jet of product for a distance of 4m under still or “no wind” conditions. (the chord is not 4m long). You can adjust it to a lighter “spray” selection also

How many applications of Bugga Off are needed?

Only one application is usually needed as it kills the bugs immediately. The spray lays down a “minefield” for the bugs to walk across.

Is Bugga Off harmful to Pets/Plants/People?

Not harmful to any of these if used with normal precautions. Common sense prevails. ie don’t stand under the targeted area and get overspray on yourself. Once it is dry, there is no problem READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AS WITH ALL PRODUCTS

Should I do a test spray with Bugga Off?

Always do a test spray to ensure no staining on particular surfaces especially if inside.

Does Bugga Off stain any surface?

Always do a test spray. There is normally no problem on natural cedar. If there is a dark stain on the wood, do a small test spray.

Time between spraying Bugga Off and Miss Muffet spider control?

They can be done consecutively

How toxic is Bugga Off?

No worse than fly spray

What are the ingredients in Bugga Off?

Bifenthrin is the active ingredient but the formula has been altered to target specific bugs more effectively

Does Bugga Off smell?

There is no smell

What is Bugga Off’s shelf life?


What is the coverage area of Bugga Off?

For the average 3 bedroomed/one storeyed home, you will get about 2 treatments per container

Will overspray of Bugga Off affect water tanks?

Overspray will not affect roof and tank water because the overspray will be so minimal that it is not a problem

Will Bugga Off wash off in rain?

The product will wash off if it rains. However, much of the spraying would probably have been done in areas protected from rain. where there is no weathering you will get long term control of the area.

Will there be Resin or stickiness left after spray?

Only if you spray too much – always do a test spray to ensure that no staining occurs

+ Bugga Off® will treat the average 3 bedroomed house at least twice

+ Bugga Off® has an easy to use applicator gun stored in the handle

+ Bugga Off® has a gun with approx 4m spray reach on “jet” setting for better reach.

+ Bugga Off® has a gun which can spray upside down for hard to reach areas.

    How To Attach Your Bugga Off® Applicator Gun
    Bugga Off Bug Control -Trigger AttachmentBugga Off Bug Control-Trigger Attachment2Bugga Off Bug Control-Trigger Attachment3
    1. Bugga Off® is a READY TO USE product with a remote applicator gun stored inside the handle. it has nozzle adjustments (4m spray reach on “jet” setting and it will spray upside down for hard to reach area
                              Bugga Off Applicator
    2. Spray Bugga Off® wherever the problem area is.
    3. Bugga Off® lays a minefield down – as soon as bugs touch it, they’re a gonner!!
    4. Spray Bugga Off® underneath dishwashers/fridge/ovens etc
    5. In cupboards, take food etc out and spray at the back.
    6. You can also spray Bugga Off® on bushes etc where mosquitoes or bugs can be a problem.