Waspinator Wasp Deterrent (Single) not available on Click & Collect

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Waspinator Wasp Deterrent (not available on Click & Collect)

(not available on Click & Collect)
  • The Waspinator is unlike anything else on the market.  This Mobile Wasp Deterrent keeps wasps away without using toxic chemicals or messy bait so it is very environmentally friendly and so effective!  

  • Wasps are extremely territorial. The Waspinator mimics the wasp's nest so that when the scout sees this, it immediately returns and warns the others not to come into your area. This is because wasps from another nest will attack and kill any scavenging wasps that stray into their territory. 

  • The Waspinator is affordably priced, portable & made from recycled material. It will last throughout the season. Based on an old remedy for controlling wasps.

  • So Mobile!   Enjoy "wasp free" family picnics, meals on the deck, or parties on the beach.