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Pet Pong Gone - Probiotic Pet Odour Remover

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Pet Pong Gone - Probiotic Pet Odour Remover

Our pets are precious and part of the family!   But....sometimes........
They can leave their beds and other fav spots smelling very moggy or doggy!  Also, from time to time, they do have the odd accident which can be very messy and REALLY SMELLY!   Urine, poops or bringing up the dead rat they have just eaten, are bound to leave horrendous odours in areas like your carpet, lounge suite or the back seat of the car.

The natural probiotic in Pet Pong Gone

  • Gobbles up smelly organic matter deposited by pets & breaks down faeces, vomit & urine. 
  • Eliminates odours from beds/upholstery.
  • Just leaves behind H2O and CO2
  • Removes the threat of dangerous bacteria such as Gastroenteritis, Influenza A, Hepatitis and many more.

    When Should You Use PET PONG GONE?

    Whenever the need arises to remove nuisance smells or to control badly contaminated areas!

    How Does PET PONG GONE Work?

    • PET PONG GONE's good bacteria does all the work. Believe it or not!  These little critters are the good guys!  They release enzymes that eat both the organic matter along with the bad, odour-producing bacteria that caused the problem!
    • Once sprayed onto the affected surface, the friendly bacteria will multiply and spread and continue to control and destroy the odour and bad bacteria for long periods.
    • The ‘super hero’ friendly bacteria are totally safe for the whole family and precious pets

    Where Can You Use PET PONG GONE?
    Anywhere your moggy, doggy or bunny hangs out!  Pet beds, carpet, upholstery, wooden floors, porous concrete, kennels, catteries, rabbit hutches - the list goes on.

    Pet Pong Gone - FAQs

    Wet & Forget Indoor-Hard Surface Sanitiser/Mould+Mildew Killer

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    A-MA-ZING Product!!!

    This product is AMAZING! So glad this was suggested to me and that I tried it. Had a material couch that a fixed-female cat had sprayed on, over a period of about 2 months, while housed inside. Tried vinegar and a variety of other cleaning products and thought the smell had finally gone. Couch was then moved to another area of the lounge for a couple of years. Had no smell, so thought all was good.....then moved the couch back the other week - and with the sun shining on to it, it revealed that the smell had NOT gone. YUCK. After one application of this product, I can now no longer smell that horrid odor! It's absolutely brilliant. Very Happy Customer :-)

    We love happy customers like yourself. Thanks for sharing.

    The worlds best odour remover

    I have wasted hundreds of dollars on products that claim to remove odours, I’m glad that I’ve finally come across something that actually works. Within the first application the smell was gone. I have two sphynx cats and they have had a few accidents. This product truely does work. I am so happy I have found this - I almost can’t believe this product. Never wasting money on anything else again.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing results!!!

    Bridget Maber
    Works like magic!!!

    After wasting hundreds of dollars on various other products, hiring carpet cleaners and countless hours of time spent trying to remove the stench of cat pee from my carpets and curtains, I was skeptical.
    But after just 5 minutes and one application, its like magic!!! This product completely lives up to its claims and has eliminated the overpowering aroma of my 4 cats efforts claim the territory.

    Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

    I have been too embarrassed by the stink to invite people into my home and now after nearly 2 years of dealing with the constant stress of trying to clean up cat pee unsuccessfully, tonight I'm having guests over and there's not a wiff of anything offensive. The only thing my friends will smell will be dinner cooking!

    Where all else fails

    Right now the sun is shining on my leather couch which, up until today, highlighted the foul smell of persistent cat spraying. I'd tried every product I could and numerous home remedies but NOW...this product has, after one application, removed the odour completely!! I'm so happy about this. I was tearing my hair out...now I can let it grow back!

    Love hearing about another success for Pet Pong Gone. Thank you for sharing.

    Daniel M
    Game changer!

    Great for everything even stinky shoes! We actually got recommended this by a nurse as an elderly family members room was a bit "pong"y, when sprayed you get a bit of a hit vinegar smell as it reacts then within a few ours to 24 hours nothing! Truly amazing stuff.

    Such a versatile product. Thank you for sharing another great scenario