Pet Pong Gone - FAQs

Can you spray Pet Pong Gone directly on a pet?


How long does Pet Pong Gone stay active for?

For as long as there is a source for the good bacteria to eat.  

When can a pet return to its bed after spraying Pet Pong Gone?

As long as the bed is dry, it is fine for the pet to go back to it but if the smell is still there – do a second spray so that the good bacteria can still keep eradicating the smell. When the smell has gone – it is even better for the pet to return then.

Does Pet Pong Gone get rid of pet smells or puppy pee on couches?

Firstly do a test in an inconspicuous place esp if it a new couch to check for colour fastness of the material. If that is OK which it usually is - Just apply Pet Pong Gone and wait for it to dry. Make sure it has enough product to soak into the same depth as the pee probably has.

Will Pet Pong Gone get rid of the sour milk smell in the boot of the car?

This will easily disappear!

Would Pet Pong Gone work on clothes that are a bit smelly?

Many customers are having success here. Spray the clothes, leave for a day and then wash them.

Will Pet Pong Gone remove the smell that has absorbed into the grout?

Should be fine. Make sure you thoroughly saturate the grout as much as possible with Pet Pong Gone.

Is Pet Pong Gone safe around litter boxes?

Absolutely safe – in or around the litter boxes.

Can you spray Pet Pong Gone on wooden floors?


Can you spray Pet Pong Gone on carpets?

Absolutely! Do a test spot first in an inconspicuous area to check for colour fastness of the carpet as there is always a variance in the quality of carpets. Never had a problem yet but always pay to check.

Does Pet Pong Gone remove stains?

It is not a stain remover. It is a natural probiotic to organically remove any bad bacteria that cause the smells in the first place.

Does Pet Pong Gone have any fragrance?

There is no fragrance in Pet Pong Gone. The probiotics get rid of the smell. We don't use anything to mask the smell.

Can you spray Pet Pong Gone on synthetic grass?

Yes. You can spray with confidence!