Double Bubble House Wash

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  • Double Bubble House Wash® makes house washing so easy.  Biological growth & airborne contaminants break down paint prematurely - which means you may have to repaint years earlier than you'd like.

  • Double Bubble House Wash® uses our revolutionary Reach Nozzle to spray up to 8m or 2 storeys. Use this in conjunction with our 2 storey, 4.6m extendable brush to keep your paint or house exterior, in tip top condition.

  • Double Bubble House Wash® assists you to easily dissolve dirt and grime as well as the build-up of airborne contaminants that accumulates on your paintwork. This is different from Wet & Forget or Rapid Application which target moss, mould and lichen on your paintwork.

  • Use Double Bubble House Wash® once a year as part of your annual maintenance - it could double the life of your paint! So a couple of hours once a year washing your house with Double Bubble from Wet & Forget is time and money wisely spent.

    House Wash Brush - Reaches 2 Storeys High  Window Witch Window Cleaner  Rapid Application to Remove Moss Mould & Lichen
  1.  Connect Double Bubble® Reach Nozzle to your hose.

Double Bubble House Wash-Reach Nozzle

  1. Rotate black dial on the Reach Nozzle to the ‘ON’ setting
  2. Begin spraying your DRY surface - using the correct spray setting.

  1. Thoroughly saturate the surface with the product.
  2. Apply to manageable sections of paintwork.
  3. Leave for 5 mins before agitation - no longer.
  4. Agitate with our house wash brush.
  5. Don’t allow the product to dry.
  6. Rinse off by turning black dial back to ‘WATER’ setting. 
  7. Using the water adjustment, check that you are happy with the water pressure at the tap.
    Double Bubble® gives coverage up to 550m2



Before and After

before and after image
before and after image
before and after image