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Cleaning RV's, Caravans, Campers, Motor Homes

Wet & Forget have a range of products all suited to easy maintenance for your Motor Home or Caravan.  Check out what we can do for you!Rapid Application is perfect for cleaning moss mould and lichen off all exterior surfacesl NEVER USE A BLEACH BASED PRODUCT ON YOUR CARAVAN!!!
Bring new life back to an old look!   Use  Wet & Forget's Rapid Application for fast and easy treatment. If it's time to get your Caravan or Motor Home ready for a short or long break then firstly you need to remove that unsightly build-up of mould, algae or lichen or any other growth that has appeared on the surface.
Spray To Clean Your caravan with Rapid ApplicationAfter that initial spray to a dry surface, we rely on the weather to remove the decomposing growth. So the best thing to do is to leave the caravan outside in the weather for the rain and wind to do its job. It also speeds up this process as you travel.  Wet & Forget or Rapid Application is absolutely safe to apply to any exterior surface. Get that sparkle back!
Petrol Head Shampoo and Shine is simply the best for caravans and motorhomesPetrol Head Vehicle Shampoo and Shine is amazing as a general cleaner for the outside.  Not for moss and mould - just the usual travel grime and road film.  Using Petrol Head makes cleaning your motor home or caravan so fast, because of the unique hose end applicator especially if you use our Petrol Head Car Wash Brush for great reach on high areas.  Dry it all off with our amazing Thirsty Petrol Head Towel.  It's 5x faster than using a chamois. 
Cleaning with Petrol Head Vehicle Shampoo and Shine will not damage any decals or any other exterior surface.
Spray with confidence on or under solar panels to remove any hidden lichen or other biological growth. This is absolutely safe on these surfaces!Mould found underneath a solar panelMoss, mould or algae build-up under a solar panel is very obvious here. This is where Rapid Application will reach under the solar panel easily!Rapid Application or Wet & Forget?   You choose which option is best for you as to how you remove black mould, algae or lichen on any van roof. Both do the same job and have the same coverage.
Clean your LPG tanks safely and efficiently with either of these products.
Miss Muffet's Revenge is excellent on any exterior 'hiding place' that spiders find such as wing mirrors!  Also use it on your jockey wheel, stabilisation legs and tyres. 
Camping by the beach?  This does mean that there is more likelihood of salt residue. Salt Shaker Boat & Trailer Wash sprayed under your caravan dissolves the salt off the chassis to avoid corrosion. Great for run-abouts & trailers that you may be towing behind.
You can easily apply Wet & Forget or Rapid Application to your canvas awning if it has any growth on it. Just roll out the awning and apply the diluted Wet & Forget or Rapid Application as per bottle instructions. 

It is essential to have the awning exposed to the weather for as long as possible to help the decomposing contamination to slowly and gently come away.  If the awning is older and is in need of re-waterproofing, then it's best done after you have applied the Wet & Forget or Rapid Application and after the residual has washed off the awnings and the surfaces are completely clean of all biological growth.  Suitable for all types of awnings including acrylic, canvas and polyester. (With older awnings, a test application of the Wet & Forget to an inconspicuous lower part of the awning is required to make sure it doesn't affect remaining waterproofing)Bone Dry is great for sealing porous canvas awnings when they are cleaned. 
Important - always follow  application instructions closely.
Perspex or glass windows?  Make the view great again with Window Witch! 
Simply apply / Agitate lightly / Rinse / NO squeegee required for spot free windows.
Wet & Forget Indoor is a dual purpose product - Cleans / Sanitises / Protects
#1  Indoor sanitises all hard surfaces
#2  Kills mould and mildew
Spray the hard surface / Leave 10 mins / Wipe off!   
(won't always remove mould staining but it does kill the unhealthy toxic spores that you would have breathed in!)
Use our laundry and kitchen products from the Bee range (Be Environmentally Enlightened) because they are septic safe.  The mini bottles that are attached to the refill bottles are the perfect size for caravan storage.  When you are on the road there is nothing worse than hand washing laundry, so the laundry liquid is perfect as it always dissolves. Plus, the multi surface cleaner is a gem in the collection.

Outdoor Umbrella, Outdoor Chairs and Tarpaulins
It doesn’t matter if your umbrella is canvas or polyester, or if your outdoor chairs are timber or wicker! Just spray and leave and over time they will come clean. You can use Wet & Forget or Rapid Application on your outdoor cushions and tarpaulins as well.
Choose the Wet & Forget Product that Suits you for Moss Mould and Lichen Removal

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