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Rapid Application or Wet and Forget to Clean CaravansThere's nothing better than a good old fashioned road trip with the family!  Let us help you to do the clean before you leave. 

Caravan, Motorhomes and Camper Trailers
It's time to get your Caravan or Motorhome ready for the Christmas holidays so you can take the family away on that long awaited break.
First you need to remove that unsightly build-up of mould and any other growth that has appeared on the surface whilst it's been covered up
during winter.

Wet & Forget is the perfect solution, once you have diluted the Wet & Forget or Rapid Application with the correct amount of water as per the
instructions on the bottle you just spray it on to the surface and leave it. Choose between Rapid Application and Wet and ForgetAfter that initial spray, every time it rains, we rely on the weather to decompose the growth and to reactivate the active  ingredient in Wet & Forget 
or Rapid Application. So the best thing to do is to leave the caravan outside in the weather for the rain to do its job. Wet & Forget or 
Rapid Application is safe to apply to any exterior surface including aluminum cladding and fibreglass. In a few months your caravan should be
looking clean again!

Awnings & Annexes
You can even apply Wet & Forget or Rapid Application to your canvas awning if it has any growth on it as well. Just roll out the awning and apply
the diluted Wet & Forget or Rapid Application as per bottle instructions. Make sure the awning is dry before you roll it back up again. 

Ideally it is best to have the awning exposed to the weather for as long as possible to help the mould to decompose. If the awning is older and is
in need of re-waterproofing, then its best done after you have applied the Wet & Forget or Rapid Application after the residual has washed off the
awning. Suitable for all types of awnings and annexes including acrylic, canvas & polyester.

Outdoor Umbrella, Outdoor Chairs and Tarpaulins
It doesn’t matter if your umbrella is canvas or polyester, or if your outdoor chairs are timber or wicker! Just spray and leave and over time they will
come clean. You can use Wet & Forget or Rapid Application on your outdoor cushions and tarpaulins as well.

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