Tiger's Paw - FAQs

How often do I have to use Tiger’s Paw?

Hopefully, it is a 'oncer’, but it will depend on your water supply and whether you want to squeegee your glass down every day or use Shower Witch regularly.

How long will the blocks last?

Totally dependent on the size of your shower and the level of calcium buildup. Typically, one block is more than enough for your standard shower.

Is it hard to remove the deposits?

Yes it can be - but generally, you just have to use some good old fashioned elbow grease. Don't be afraid to put some horse power into it. If you need to exert more pressure get someone to support the door from behind.

How long will it take to clean?

Totally dependent on the shower size and the level of buildup - but for most people it will be immediate.

I have water marks but I also have a commercial 'glass protection' that was put on the glass - so can I use Tiger’s Paw?

If you have commercial glass protection and water spotting, then it means that it has not worked for you. If you use Tiger’s Paw, it may remove this 'glass protection' and the calcium deposits.

Can I use Tiger's Paw on my house or car glass?

Absolutely not – it is specific to shower glass.