Ezihand Tool Handle Attachment

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EziHand Tool Handle Attachment

  • EziHand is the ultimate labour saving accessory which will easily attach to ANY long handled tool such as a broom, a rake, a shovel, a mop, a vacuum etc  Even great for using with whitebaiting nets!
  • Do your Back a Favour with EziHand.
    Do the same job with less effort and less blisters.
  • More purchase!  More Purpose!  Less Fatigue!
  • Reduce Back & Hand Fatigue with this Patented Ergonomic Design.
  • EziHand will reduce back bend by 30% & give 15% less compression in lower back.  
  • MADE IN NZ - stainless steel hardware / UV protected materials. 
    All handles are constructed of high-impact plastic and come with their own allen key for tightening or removing.
  • Great to use when using when cleaning your deck with our
    Hit The Deck, Short Bristled Broom 
  • EziHand - FAQs

Hit The Deck Scrubbing Broom

Deck Scrubbing Brush.  The secret weapon for cleaning decks with "Hit The Deck". Wooden handle included.  We challenge you to wear it out!