EziHand Tool Handle Attachment
EziHand Tool Handle Attachment

EziHand Tool Handle Attachment

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  • EziHand is the ultimate labour saving accessory which will easily attach to ANY long handled tool such as a broom, a rake, a shovel, a mop, a vacuum etc  Even great for using with whitebaiting nets!
  • Do your Back a Favour with EziHand.
    Do the same job with less effort and less blisters.
  • More purchase!  More Purpose!  Less Fatigue!
  • Reduce Back & Hand Fatigue with this Patented Ergonomic Design.
  • EziHand will reduce back bend by 30% & give 15% less compression in lower back.  
  • MADE IN NZ - stainless steel hardware / UV protected materials. 
    All handles are constructed of high-impact plastic and come with their own allen key for tightening or removing.
  • Great to use when using when cleaning your deck with our
    Hit The Deck, Short Bristled Broom 

Deck Scrubbing Brush.  The secret weapon for cleaning decks with "Hit The Deck". Wooden handle included.  We challenge you to wear it out!

1.  Reduces back & body fatigue by keeping you in an upright, relaxed position
     when you use any long-handled tool

2.  Reduces hand and wrist fatigue

3.  Improves your posture while doing these tasks

4.  Helps prevent blisters

5.  Does the job with less effort because of the leveraged angle

6.  Easily attaches to any long-handled tool

1.Push and remove the allen key from the EziHand®

2.Loosen the bolts evenly to widen the base

3.Slide the EziHand® over the handle of your tool & reclamp

4.Adjust to the most suitable position - don’t ‘over tighten’

5.Return the allen key into the handle