Waspinator - FAQ

How Does The Waspinator Work?

  1. The Waspinator mimics the wasp’s nest as they are very territorial.
    When a scout sees this, it immediately warns the others not to go there.  This avoids an attack by the inhabitants who would kill scavenging wasps.
  2. Hang it wherever wasps are a nuisance – from your table umbrella,
    eaves of your home, trees, caravans, picnic areas etc
  3. The Waspinator doesn’t kill wasps. It repels them.
  4. Portable and made from recycled material with no chemicals used.
  5. Use more Waspinators if you have a particularly bad problem
  6. You should see a decrease in those annoying wasps!! It’s amazing!!


How Do I Use The Waspinator??

  1. Just hang the Original Waspinator close to your eating area in a likely location of a real wasp's nest. For example, from your table umbrella, the eaves of your home, against a wall, up on a tree or up in a corner.
  2. Once the Waspinator™ has been hung up, wait 10-15 minutes. You should see a decrease in the number of annoying wasps.
  3. If you have a particularly bad wasp problem, try using more than one Waspinator™.
  4. If you see a decrease in the effectiveness of the Waspinato, replace it in a different location around your eating area.
  5. You'll be surprised to see so many wasps leave the area! It's amazing!



How Does it Work?

Unlike anything else on the market, the original Waspinator keeps wasps away without toxic chemicals or messy bait. It is environmentally friendly, weatherproof, safe, clean and effective!

Wasps are extremely territorial. The Waspinator mimics the wasp's nest so that when the scout sees this, it immediately returns and warns the others not to go there. This is because wasps from another nest will attack and kill any scavenging wasps that stray into their territory. (NB: Sometimes these same wasps build their nests in various places such as holes in the ground).

Regardless of habitat, the Waspinator is still effective. It is affordably priced, very portable and made from recycled material. It will last throughout the season. Based on an old remedy for controlling wasps, the original Waspinator™ is the newest wasp control product on the market.