Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer
Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer
Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer
Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer
Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer
Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer
Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer

Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer

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  • If your glass shower door suffers from poor clarity, then you probably have calcium deposits on the door and Tiger's Paw is the only viable solution.

  • Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer will rejuvenate your shower glass doors when nothing else will.  Exfoliate those infuriating calcium deposits with this simple and easy to use tool.

  • Tiger's Paw will free your shower glass from hard water/calcium deposits/water spotting.

  • Tiger's Paw Refills are available when you need more blocks.
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        Shower Squeegee for Showers  Wet & Forget Indoor Hard Surface Sanitiser - also Kills Mould +Mildew  Shower Witch for Easy Shower Cleaning  
    • Shower Witch shower cleaner takes the hard work out of cleaning your shower and bathroom.  Don't waste time getting rid of grime! 
    • Shower Witch is so simple to apply with truly magical results with shower cleaning.
    • Best of all, Shower Witch contains no aggressive chemicals, is biodegradable and actually smells like a vanilla milkshake. It is absolutely the best shower cleaner on the market!
      Will not remove hard mineral deposits (water spotting) which is always very visible on shower glass doors. (Use Tiger's Paw on your shower glass to help exfoliate these off)
    • Do a test spot if you have the combination of both hard water & dark tiles.  Shower Witch is such an effective cleaner that it can highlight those unsightly calcium deposits as streaks when the soap scum & body oils are removed, which have previously been disguised (not an issue for light coloured surfaces.) 
      Shower base may be slippery after application.  Rinse off before showering.

         Shower Squeegee  Tigers Paw to remove Water Spotting from Shower Glass Doors  Wet & Forget Indoor Mould Remover
    • Soft grip shower squeegee
    • 200mm rubber blade with white and blue trim

    BEE Glass Cleaner gives Crystal Clarity from the South Pacific for your Glass & Mirrored Surfaces.  Take a moment and breathe easy as you clean with its divine fragrance with hints of Blackberry, Rosemary and Puriri.

    • BEE (BEnvironmentally Enlightened) has created this interior Glass and Mirror Cleaner with some of the finest botanicals NZ has to offer.  
      Use it all around the house, and be happy that it's totally safe.

    • BEE Glass Cleaner delivers effortless 'streak free' cleaning and comes with its own 2L refill pack

    • FREE of Nitrates, Phosphates, Ammonia & Chlorine
    • Made in NZ  / Grey Water & Septic Tank Safe
    • No animal testing / Recyclable bottles
          BEE Dishwasher Powder with Natural Cleaning Agents  BEE Rinse Aid for Dishwasher  BEE Dish Wash Liquid For Powerful Deep Cleaning  BEE Multi Surface Cleaner to Cut through Grease & Grime
      Wet & Forget IndoorDual Purpose Product

        Wet & Forget Indoor is an Amazing Sanitiser & Mould KillerWet & Forget Indoor Sanitises and Kills Mould and Mildew

        Wet & Forget Indoor is  Dual Purpose Product

        How often do I have to use Tiger’s Paw?

        Hopefully, it is a 'oncer’, but it will depend on your water supply and whether you want to squeegee your glass down every day or use Shower Witch regularly.

        How long will the blocks last?

        Totally dependent on the size of your shower and the level of calcium buildup. Typically, one block is more than enough for your standard shower.

        Is it hard to remove the deposits?

        Yes it can be - but generally, you just have to use some good old fashioned elbow grease. Don't be afraid to put some horse power into it. If you need to exert more pressure get someone to support the door from behind.

        How long will it take to clean?

        Totally dependent on the shower size and the level of buildup - but for most people it will be immediate.

        I have water marks but I also have a commercial 'glass protection' that was put on the glass - so can I use Tiger’s Paw?

        If you have commercial glass protection and water spotting, then it means that it has not worked for you. If you use Tiger’s Paw, it may remove this 'glass protection' and the calcium deposits.

        Can I use Tiger's Paw on my house or car glass?

        Absolutely not – it is specific to shower glass.

        + Tiger’s Paw® allows you to remove undissolved minerals from your shower glass surfaces without using a specialty glass contractor.

        + Tiger’s Paw® saves you money on this problematic ‘water spotting’ issue.

        Our ergonomically designed, ‘Restorer Block Holder’ fits the hand perfectly, and has a soft, tiger stripe pattern for excellent grip.

        1. Fit a ‘Restorer Block’ into the ‘Restorer Block Holder’.
          This has a finely milled abrasive which is infused into a lubricant. When this is wet, it helps reduce any fine scratching on the glass.

        1. Keep the glass wet by spraying water on the area you are focusing on.

        1. Use a vertical scrubbing action ONLY to cut away the undissolved minerals from the glass surface.
          We recommend you do a small test area first to gauge how much pressure is needed to achieve the desired result
        2. Rinse and dry the glass to check clarity – continue cleaning the remainder of the door
        3. Once clean, you will only have to use Tiger’s Paw every so often, as and when the glass develops a build up again

        Always try a test spot at the bottom corner of your problem glass, as some glass is softer and very mild, fine hair line scratching may be seen in certain light.  In the worst case of prolonged mineral buildup, Tiger’s Paw® may not remove all traces of your water spotting.

        Tiger’s Paw® is specifically for use only on Shower Glass, and is not for use on Automotive or domestic house glass

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