Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer

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Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer

  • If your glass shower door suffers from poor clarity, then you probably have calcium deposits on the door and Tiger's Paw is the only viable solution.

  • Use Tiger's Paw when no amount of elbow grease is able to remove your calcium deposits off your shower glass door. Get ready to exfoliate your glass door and claw back your pristine glass from the past with this do-it-yourself tool.

  • Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer will rejuvenate your shower glass doors when nothing else will.  Exfoliate those infuriating calcium deposits with this simple and easy to use tool.

  • Tiger's Paw will free your shower glass from hard water/calcium deposits/water spotting.  It allows you to remove undissolved minerals from your shower glass surfaces without using a specialty glass contractor.

  • Tiger's Paw Refills are available when you need more blocks.

  • Tiger’s Paw saves you money on this problematic ‘water spotting’ issue.

  • Tiger's Paw - FAQs  

    Shower Witch Shower Cleaner

    • Shower Witch shower cleaner takes the hard work out of cleaning your shower and bathroom.  Don't waste time getting rid of grime! 
    • Shower Witch is so simple to apply with truly magical results with shower cleaning.
    • Best of all, Shower Witch contains no aggressive chemicals, is biodegradable and actually smells like a vanilla milkshake. It is absolutely the best shower cleaner on the market!
    • Shower base may be slippery after application.  Rinse off before entering shower.    

      Will not remove hard mineral deposits (water spotting) which is always very visible on shower glass doors. (Use Tiger's Paw on your shower glass to help exfoliate these off).  Do a test spot if you have the combination of both hard water & dark tiles.  Shower Witch is such an effective cleaner that it can highlight those unsightly calcium deposits as streaks when the soap scum & body oils are removed, which have previously been disguised (not an issue for light coloured surfaces.)
    Shower Witch - FAQs

    BEE Glass Cleaner

    BEE Glass Cleaner gives Crystal Clarity from the South Pacific for your Glass & Mirrored Surfaces.  Take a moment and breathe easy as you clean with its divine fragrance with hints of Blackberry, Rosemary and Puriri.

    • BEE (BEnvironmentally Enlightened) has created this interior Glass and Mirror Cleaner with some of the finest botanicals NZ has to offer.  
      Use it all around the house, and be happy that it's totally safe.

    • BEE Glass Cleaner delivers effortless 'streak free' cleaning and comes with its own 2L refill pack

    • FREE of Nitrates, Phosphates, Ammonia & Chlorine
    • Made in NZ  / Grey Water & Septic Tank Safe
    • No animal testing / Recyclable bottles

      Wet & Forget Indoor-Hard Surface Sanitiser/Mould+Mildew Killer

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 33 reviews
      Sarah Goldsmith
      What a truely magnificent product.

      Now I’m not one for a review but this is quite honestly the best product I have ever used. I purchased your tigers paw 7 years ago and it did a great job on tickling up some shower doors that had some water marks. I was impressed but they were not that bad. Fast forward 7 years and I tried everything on 30 year old showers with horrendous water marks that we purchased. I even took to it with a drill attachment and a special paste for 7 hours and I could not get it off. I thought well, I’ll give tigers paw another go. Well I’m blown away!!!!! I’m not gonna lie, still took another hour in the shower but they have come up incredible! What a magnificent product!!! Let me know if you want before and after shots!

      Thanks for spreading such a positive message


      WOW -Absolutely amazing! I was definitely the sceptic, but after reading reviews decided to purchase and so glad I did. Had tried other suggestions but nothing worked - tiger's paw does the job it claims! Thanks so much wet and forget. Price wise seemed a lot, but after one use can see the 2 bars that comes with it will last a very long time, then you can buy refill packs of 2. Only suggestion I would like to make is the holder would be easier to grip if it had a small handle on top as it does get very slippery. Had to use an old flannel over it to grip better.

      Love hearing these success stories. Thank you.

      It works!

      I don't normally write reviews but when a product far exceeds expectations, I think it is warranted. I had tried several other products before Tiger's Paw with no improvement at all. Tiger's Paw does take a bit of elbow grease sure, but the result is simply amazing. Just like new!

      Renee Fuller

      Not sponsored in any way. This product is amazingggg. I have tried so many things to clean my shower, non have been successful. This product was easy to use and really effective. The glass is actually see through again!

      Fantastic to hear. We love this product too!

      Works a treat

      Borrowed some Tigers Paw off my mum as I was dubious about its effectiveness. Our shower doors are pretty clean already but I like them sparkling but hate spending an hour getting them that way scrubbing off all the faint scale marks. This product did it in about 5 minutes!! Little to no effort required and my shower looks as good as new. Will definitely be buying my own pack. Amazing stuff. I only post a review for stuff that actually works.

      What a great result. What would we do without our Mums!