Shower Witch - FAQs

Will Shower Witch remove mould from silicon or grouting?

Shower Witch will only remove surface mould - but not if it is permanently sealed in silicon sealants or grouting.

How do I use Shower Witch for cleaning my washing machine or dishwasher?

Spray the Shower Witch on the inner walls of your machine (even inside the agitator if your washimg machine has one). Leave overnight and then put the wash on a short hot cycle to rinse the product off. Repeat only if necessary. This will dissolve the contaminants and flush them away.

Can I use Shower Witch on Venetain blinds?

Absolutely and with great success!!! Spray the blinds with Shower Witch in an outdoor area. Leave for a couple of hours and then rinse off.

What is the active ingredient in Shower Witch?

Non-Ionic and Cationic Surfactants ie a combination of specialised detergents.

How often should I apply Shower Witch?

Just whenever you see that soap scum and body fats are building up. That might be weekly or fortnightly, depending on what type of soap you use and how many people are using the shower.

Is Shower Witch biodegradable?

Yes it is.

Is Shower Witch OK in septic tanks/bio sewage systems?

It sure is! It biodegrades and will not affect or interfere with the aerobic on anaerobic bacteria that break down the waste.

How long should I leave Shower Witch on the surface to be cleaned?

Overnight is best as a minimum but if you are using it regularly then a day is great.

If I don't have a shower head to rinse the product off - what do I do?

Do what you normally do. Either use a bucket of water to rinse it down or use a cloth while you are in the shower to wipe the surfaces down. Firstly remove most of the residue on the base to avoid slipping!