Magnif Mag Wheel Cleaner

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  • Magnif® Mag Wheel Cleaner instantly dissolves brake dust and grime from your precious mag wheels and tyres. You will observe this as brake dust turns into a purple liquid and starts to run off the wheels. 

    The brake dust residue can leave a slight stain on concrete if you clean on concrete. This is not the Magnif® Mag Wheel Cleaner - it is very much your brake dust - so we suggest you are careful as to where you clean your mag wheels.

  • Not suitable for unsealed Alloy Wheels

  • Use our Foxtail® Mag Wheel Brush® to get into those hard to clean areas.  Use Petrol Head® Shampoo and Shine to valet your car with loving tenderness.

     Foxtail Mag Wheel Brush to Clean Those Dirty Mag Wheels    Petrol Head For A Shampoo and Shine for Your Car
       Car Wash Brush to Pamper Your Car  Thirsty Petrol Head Towels Soak Up the Excess Water with Ease