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Petrol Head (1 x 2L)

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Petrol Head Car Shampoo and Shine

  • Petrol Head Car Shampoo and Shine is a smart new car wash to give you the edge with the most amazing results. Let it be your own private car valet and be the envy of others with this amazing vehicle cleaner.
  • Petrol Head has a Reach Nozzle to ensure speedy application.
  • Petrol Head Car Shampoo and Shine uses mild surfactants, specifically designed to help soften and dissolve dirt and road grime.  This speeds up car washing time and lovingly cares for your paintwork.  This also results in a lot less effort when using your car brush.
  • Petrol Head leaves a beautiful glowing shine on your paintwork. 
  • Petrol Head - FAQs

    Magnif Mag Wheel Cleaner

    • Magnif Mag Wheel Cleaner instantly dissolves brake dust and grime from your precious mag wheels and tyres. You will observe this as brake dust turns into a purple liquid and starts to run off the wheels.
      NOTE:   The brake dust residue can leave a slight stain on concrete if you clean on concrete. This is not the Magnif Mag Wheel Cleaner - it is very much your brake dust, We suggest you are careful as to where you clean your mag wheels.
    • Not suitable for unsealed Alloy Wheels
    • Use our Foxtail Mag Wheel Brush to get into those hard to clean areas.  Use Petrol Head Shampoo and Shine to valet your car with loving tenderness.
    • Magnif - FAQs

    Foxtail Mag Wheel Brush

    • After you have used our MagNif Mag Wheel Cleaner to instantly dissolve brake dust & grime from your precious mag wheels & tyres - you will be ready for the next stage with our FOXTAIL Mag Wheel Brush - to ensure really crazy, showroom, shiny wheels! 
    • Agitate with our fantastic FOXTAIL Mag Wheel Brush to get to the places inside your mag wheel and brake callipers that you never thought possible. It will look like you have driven straight off the showroom floor.                               

    Thirsty 'Petrol Head' Car Towel

    Use on your car, SUV, truck, motor home, boat, plane, horse, dog, shower glass, house windows.  DRY YOUR CAR IN 10 MINS!

    We all have our favourite vehicle that need lots of loving!  One of the biggies is “BATH TIME”.   In order to keep our babies in sparkling condition they need a good wash regularly with our gentle but luxurious “Petrol Head Shampoo and Shine” car wash.

    That’s great!  But now she needs to be dried because if you don’t, the water will leave the obvious undissolved minerals or water spotting all over her coat.

    But not all towels are created equal.   Some leave streaks and lint behind, while others may cause scratches and swirls in the paint.  The old method of using a Chamois or tiny microfibre cloth was ridiculous!  Wipe, ring out, wipe, ring out! OMG!!!  Would we use something tiny like this when we get out of the shower?  I don’t think so!

    That’s why we have sourced the most absorbent, gentle towel on the planet that will wash and dry hundreds of times.  At 1.5m long and 80cm wide, it will dry your dearly loved car, truck or boat to a sparkling finish 20 times faster without having to ring it out once.

    Let us tell you why we called it Thirsty Petrol Head Towel... because it is thirstier than a rugby team after a hard match on a hot Autumn Day.  That’s why!  NO WRINGING OUT!

    Thirsty 'Petrol Head' Car Towel - FAQs



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Russell Smith

    This is the first time I have used this product. I must admit I thought "here we go again, lots of promises but rubbish result" How wrong was I.
    I purchased the car wash and a soft brush. Super easy to use and a great results (ask the neighbours)

    Thanks Russell. We love Petrol Head stories like this!

    Gary Tassell
    Best car shampoo ever

    About to start my 2nd container..I got 8 washes from the 1st container, which is very cheap for a wash, shampoo and shine.
    My car which I brought 4 years ago brand new, looks better than the day I brought it.
    I love washing the car now, so easy and takes about 10-15 minutes max.

    Thanks for sharing your positive experience. Much appreciated.

    Brent Stewart
    Absolutely Awesome!

    Thanks to Petrol Head, I have discovered that cleaning a car can be enjoyable. Using this product was so easy, and the fantastic smell is like a relaxing aromatherapy. It's testament to the product that I now wash my car regularly
    because it doesn't feel like a chore, and it truly makes my car sparkle!