Miss Muffet's Revenge - FAQs

What are the ingredients of Miss Muffet's Revenge?

Bifenthrin is the active ingredient but the formula has been altered to target specific spiders more effectively.

Gun - what does 4m reach mean?

The gun will spray a jet of product for a distance of 4m under still “no wind” conditions. (the cord is not 4m long). You can adjust it to a lighter “spray” selection also.

Is Miss Muffet's Revenge harmful to pets/plants/people?

It is not harmful to any of these if used with normal precautions. Common sense prevails. ie don't stand under the targeted area and get overspray on yourself. Once it is dry there is no problem. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AS WITH ALL PRODUCTS

Is Miss Muffet's Revenge toxic?

No worse than fly spray.

Should I do a test spray?

Always do a test spray especially inside - to ensure there is no staining on particular surfaces.

Does Miss Muffet have a smell?

There is no smell.

What is the coverage area for Miss Muffet?

For the average 3 bedroomed/one storeyed home you will get about 2 treatments per container. this is because you are misting the areas where webs are - not spraying the whole house.

What is Miss Muffet's shelf life?


What is the time between spraying Miss Muffet and Bugga Off?

They can be done consecutively.

Is Miss Muffet OK on windows?

It is water soluable so there is no problem to wipe any excess off windows. However, if you have dark, oxidised, powder coated aluminium or clear plastic sheeting - it may leave an oily mark - so always do a test area.

Will Miss Muffet stain any surfaces?

Always do a test spray. There is normally no problem. On Cedar – Usually no problem on natural cedar. If there is a dark stain on the wood, do a small test spray.

Will Miss Muffet wash off with Rain?

The product will wash off if it rains. However, much of the spraying would probably have been done in areas protected from rain which is where spiders normally live ie under soffits, decks etc. In areas where there is no weathering you will get more long term control

Will overspray with Miss Muffet affect Water Tanks?

Overspray will not affect roof and tank water because the overspray will be so minimal that it is not a problem.

Will Miss Muffet leave a resin or stickiness after spraying?

Only if you spray too much – always do a test spray to ensure that no staining occurs.