Seaweed Tea (Organic)

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Seaweed Tea (Organic)

Seaweed Tea & Seafood Soup 
Buy as a combo to give you the best results.  Less chemical sprays!

  • Organic Seaweed Tea boosts plant & soil health.  
    Seaweed Tea is like a vaccination to help enhance the natural immune system of the plants to build up an increased resistance to pest attack and plant disease.  
    We all know the value of seaweed!  It is a plant's natural 'bodyguard'.
  • Organic Seafood Soup is our potent fish fertiliser to feed the plants.
    Seafood Soup is the perfect, balanced diet, direct from the ocean.
    No fishy smell at all!  It also gives a massive boost to soil health!
    Fish oil is a natural insecticide

    Better fruiting?  More vibrant flowers?  Luscious green veges? 
    Then this combo is amazing!  Use both products for foliar & root zone applications.
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FAQs and Guides

  • Seafood Soup is an 'Ocean Fresh' fish fertiliser that's worth its weight in gold. It's loaded with goodness for your plants to eat!
  • Seafood Soup is a powerful natural fertiliser made from whole fresh fish scraps, (100% fish protein ) which are digested using special enzymes that break down the large proteins in the fish meat and bones. 
  • Seafood Soup uses hydrolysed fish which is widely considered to be the “high-end” fish fertilizer product. It also contains higher levels of phosphorus for both plant health and strong, tasty crops.
  • Seafood Soup's hydrolysed fish has a lower pH so it preserves more vitamins, proteins and micro-nutrients.
  • Seafood Soup doesn’t have a highly objectionable odour like fish emulsions and it’s also highly water-soluble, so it’s great for foliar and root zone applications.
  • Seafood Soup also has all of the main nutritional elements of a whole fish (such as amino acids, growth hormones and micronutrients) that are chelated, so they are easy for the plant to consume.
  • Seafood Soup contains fish oil which acts as a natural insecticide.
  • Seaweed Tea is a potent plant & soil health tonic to help fight disease & pest attack. It is like your garden's own personal "plant bodyguard".  Seaweed Tea is just like a vaccination to help build an increased resistance in your plants to pest attack & plant disease. This means less chemical sprays!
  • Seaweed Tea is a natural seaweed.  We all know how good seaweed is for plants!
  • Seaweed Tea builds systemic resistance in plants by stimulating their own natural immune system to recover from stress related setbacks & resist pest attack.
  • Seaweed Tea is a combination of natural seaweed, trace elements, vitamins, potassium & amino acids, all designed to integrate with nature’s own soil processes.
  • Seaweed Tea is especially high in amino acids to fortify the cells & condition the plants to help them absorb Seafood Soup (our potent, hard core, fish fertiliser)
  • Seaweed Tea combines with earth’s bio-network to provide healthy, high yielding plant growth with a massive boost to soil health.
  • Seaweed Tea will help your fruit and vegetables to be sweeter, more colourful and bigger!
  • Seaweed Tea will help your flowers and decorative plants & hedges to be more vibrant in colour with deeper, greener foliage.
  • Seaweed Tea will also feed & protect healthy soil, earthworms & soil micro-organisms through the supply of natural enzyme, enriched nutrients. These good micro-organisms feed on dead plant & animal matter to break down proteins, sugars, fatty substances, starches, cellulose etc. This then liberates carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorous & other minerals to make it available to the plant to uptake. It also results in more enzymes and natural antibiotics.