How To Clean Your Roof
Too easy this way!

'Wet & Forget' and 'Rapid Application' 
are the 2 Top Rated Products to Clean Your Roof

Remove Moss and Lichen From Your Roof with Wet & Forget Products

DIY Clean Your Roof With  Wet & Forget Product

Roof Cleaning with either Wet & Forget or Rapid Application will not damage your roof in any way, as they are non-caustic, non acidic and contain no bleach!   

Rapid Application contains no bleacj
Chlorine Bleach Products (or Sodium Hypo Chlorite) are a NO! NO!

It is wise to avoid chlorine bleach as a roof cleaner. Chlorine bleach can remove the natural colour from any wood shingles.  It can also kill the lower level vegetation if it runs onto the ground as it is rinsed from the roof.  It can also accelerate corrosion of metal guttering and spouting systems

For us here in NZ, the south side of the house always get the worst deal as it sees so little sunshine in the winter and these surfaces stays damp over a long period of time – a heavenly breeding ground for moss, mould and lichen. Don’t let the moss, mould, lichen and algae organisms damage your roof by ignoring the problem and thinking that it will just go away. It will categorically shorten the lifespan of the roof.

Moss On Your Roof - Removing Moss off Your Roof
Moss and algae accumulate on all roofs. Those places that receive more rainfall and have sustained high levels of humidity have more moss and algae growth as the moss and algae need water to grow and multiply. The thick moss growth with its shallow root system keeps the roofing materials damp for extended periods of time and this moisture promotes wood rot and can and does erode areas like the asphalt in shingles.

Green Algae on Your Roof - Removing Green Algae off Your Roof 
Green algae is not harmful to the actual roofing material because it does not develop roots but does hold more moisture which is a perfect condition for other biological growths to develop. This growth is more of an aesthetic issue since it makes the roof look horrible and hides the original roof colour. This algae can be cleaned from the roof. 

Black Fungi on Your Roof - Removing Black Fungi Off Your Roof
Is often confused for dirt and general grime as this is what it looks like but in fact it is a biological growth and once treated with Wet & Forget's products, the black fungi will be dead and will gradually and gently weather away with the weathering process of rain and wind.  This is a gradual process and initially it appears that nothing has happened. Have patience! Good things take time!

Your best options for roof cleaning without damaging your roof are 'Wet & Forget' or 'Rapid Application'.  

Roof Cleaning - Choose which Product is best for you

How to Remove Moss or Black Fungi off Your Roof
when you use
 either 'Wet & Forget' or 'Rapid Application'

Cleaning a Butynol Roof is Easy for Wet and Forget, Moss, Mould and Lichen Remover

For The Best Results to Clean Your Roof:
for Moss Removal / Black Fungi Removal 

  • Apply to a cool roof surface, preferably on an overcast day. This will keep the roof surface wet with the solution for longer. The solution also helps to loosen the grip of the shallow moss roots.
  • Make sure the surface is dry in order to get the best penetration of the growth with the least amount of evaporation.
  • Total saturation of the surface with this product is essential in order to obtain a good kill of the fungi, algae, lichen, moss & algae which infests these surfaces.
  • If the surface is particularly bad, do another application approximately one month from the first application.
  • Then allow the surface to weather naturally and nature will take its course. The growth decomposes while the rain gently removes it from the surface over time. Let Mother Nature do her thing!
  • After 1st application use as a maintenance tool. 
    Only re-apply at the first sign of regrowth.  Lichen Removal (See Below)

How to Clean Your Roof Using 'Rapid Application'

  1. Attach your hose, turn to ON and off you go!
  2. No mixing! No measuring! No mess!
  3. Choose a cool, dry day to apply it.
  4. Saturate the DRY surface you are cleaning with the Rapid Application.
  5. NO rain for the first 5 hours - Then, just watch it come cleaner - bit by bit
  6. We recommend Rapid Application because the revolutionary 'Reach Nozzle' makes application so easy and gives a much faster application.  If you have a home with 2 storeys, you will love the fact that the spray can reach up to 8m reach in height with the 'Reach Nozzle'.

Buy Rapid Application Now To Clean Your Roof

    Roof Cleaning with Rapid Application Reach Nozzle

    How to Clean Your Roof Using 'Wet & Forget'

    1. Mix it up 1 to 5 in your garden sprayer. Choose a cool, dry day to apply it.
    2. Saturate the DRY surface you are cleaning with the Wet & Forget.
    3. NO rain for the first 5 hours - Then, just watch it come cleaner - bit by bit.
    4. Only one application! (except in extreme cases of heavy contamination)
    5. You can use it safely on ANY exterior surface because there is NO BLEACH in our product.
    6. NO BLEACH means an unlimited shelf life.
    7. Contains a special surfactant to give a more even dispersal. Helps product grip onto vertical surfaces.

    Buy Wet and Forget to Clean Your Roof - Just Need a Garden SprayerHow To Remove Lichen off Your Roof 
    Using either 'Wet & Forget' or 'Rapid Application'

    1. Visually, section your roof off into areas.
    2. Spot spray the lichen within each section.
    3. Leave for 15-20 mins (while it is still damp)
    4. Then respray the lichen and the entire roof area of that particular section to ensure the lichen absorbs the Wet & Forget thoroughly.
    5. The first application is to dissolve the waxy surface. The 2nd spray will then penetrate into the roots and give you a much quicker result.
    Removing Lichen is easy With Wet and Forget or Rapid Application


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