How To Clean Headstones and Graves

Cleaning Moss, Lichen and Black Fungi Off Headstones and Graves

Wet & Forget is the Best Cleaner for Headstones and Graves

Cleaning Moss Mould and Lichen Off Headstones and Graves - is a Job for Wet & Forget

Wet & Forget and Rapid Application

  • Trusted to clean up cemeteries
  • Safe on historic and fragile surfaces on headstones and graves
  • Just spray the surface and let Mother Nature do the rest for you
  • No harsh chemicals to damage the surface

Cleaning Moss Mould and Lichen Off Headstones and Graves is a Job for Wet & Forget

You can see by these results that Wet & Forget has done its job well in removing Black Mould and Lichen off Headstones especially when they not been maintained for many years.  This does not happen overnight but the advantage of using Wet & Forget for Moss and Lichen Removal is that it doesn't do any damage to the surface of headstones or graves.  Many of these are made from sandstone so it is important that you use a gentle cleaning process.  Wet & Forget kills the growth immediately and then, as the contamination dies off and breaks down, Mother Nature takes over and cleans the 'break away' debris off the surface ever so gently.

How to Clean Headstones and Graves Using Wet & Forget Concentrate
  1. Mix it up 1 to 5 in your garden sprayer. Choose a cool, dry day to apply it.
  2. Saturate the DRY surface you are cleaning with the Wet & Forget.
  3. NO rain for the first 5 hours - Then, just watch it come cleaner - bit by bit.
  4. Only one application! (except in extreme cases of heavy contamination)
  5. You can use it safely on ANY exterior surface because there is NO BLEACH in our product. NO BLEACH means an unlimited shelf life.
  6. Wet & Forget contains a special surfactant to help the product grip onto vertical surfaces.

Clean Headstones and Graves with Wet & Forget

How to Remove Lichen off Headstones and Graves Using Wet & Forget
  1. Spot spray the lichen.
  2. Leave for 15-20 mins.
  3. While it is still damp, respray the lichen and the entire grave to ensure the lichen absorbs the Wet & Forget thoroughly.
  4. The first application is to dissolve the waxy surface of the lichen. The 2nd spray will then penetrate into the roots and give you a much quicker overall result.