Sprayer - 16L Marolex Pump

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  • All seals & O rings are made of Viton (not rubber) which are chemically resistant to a wide range of aggressive chemicals
  • Supplied with a stainless steel 1.35m telescopic lance
  • Highly efficient high pressure pump for excellent spraying pressure
  • Spare parts readily available for repairs
  • Reinforced PVC delivery hose for long life with pressure relief safety valve
  • Graduated markings for filling
    Today this sprayer comes with 2 FREE flat fan nozzles for high speed application and a wider spray pattern (Value of gift is $15)
  • Optional Extra - The 3m extension telescopic lance is a real beaut for those harder to reach jobs!  Easy interchange at the handle.
  • Optional Extra - The spray guard stops any overspray in specialised areas

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