Window Witch Exterior Glass Cleaner

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  • Window Witch® Exterior Glass Cleaner is the best window cleaner ever. Streak free! No need to squeegee ever again with this 'Invisible Liquid Squeegee'
    NOTE: It will not remove hard water spotting (undissolved minerals).

  • Window Witch® is your concentrate and garden sprayer all in one.

  • Window Witch® is a combination of smart surfactants that dissolve grime.

  • Window Witch® has a unique formula that contains citrate water softeners and high performance additives to sheet water from the window, eliminating water spotting.

  • Window Witch® uses our specialised Reach Nozzle™ to give you an 8 metre reach - that's 2 storeys high!  That means NO ladders needed.

  • Click our Reach Nozzle onto your hose. Off you go!

    Extendable Microfibre Lance (2.5m)  Extendable Microfibre Lance (4.5m)  Bee Glass Cleaner for Interior Window & Mirror Cleaning
+ Window Witch® has the amazing 8m Reach Nozzle (2 storeys)

+ Window Witch® is an extremely fast way to apply the product.

+ Window Witch® allows the water to sheet off, leaving no water spotting!

+ Window Witch® is safer!  No need to climb ladders.

+ Window Witch® coverage when used as per instructions, is up to 600m2

+ Window Witch®
is fantastic when used as a maintenance spray, without brushing, for recently cleaned windows.

+ Window Witch® takes all the hard work out of window cleaning.

  1. Connect Window Witch® Reach Nozzle™  to your hose.
  2. Rotate black dial on the Reach Nozzle™ to the ‘ON’ setting
    Window Witch Reach Nozzle to Reach 8m high
  3. Apply the Window Witch® to the windows, using the correct spray setting. Using the water adjustment, check that you are happy with the water pressure at the tap.
    Don't deal with too many windows at once or it will dry.

    Window Witch Fan Settings
  4. Move quickly to avoid wastage.
  5. Lightly brush up & down with our Microfibre Window Pad to get rid of any surface grime.  (available in 2.5m or 4.5m extensions)
  6. Allow the product to soak for NO MORE than 5 MINUTES.
  7. DO NOT ALLOW the product to dry on the glass.
  8. DO NOT apply in direct sunlight.
  9. Turn the Reach Nozzle™ to the ‘WATER’ position.
  10. Rinse all the suds completely off from top to bottom within 5 mins.
  11. Always rinse above the window thoroughly (as you may have oversprayed above the window).  This will prevent suds from running down afterwards which will lead to streaking of the soap on your window. 
  12. Stand back and watch the magic as the water sheets off!

    No Need to Squeegee Windows!


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