Remove Lichen from Roofs, Concrete, Pavers & Trees

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Firstly - It's great to know what lichen actually is:

Lichens are made up of two tiny living things - a fungus and an alga. The fungus and the alga benefit from living together. The alga produces food, and the fungus gathers water. In this way, a simple, slow-growing lichen can survive harsh weather that would kill a fungus or an alga if they were growing alone. This means that within the lichen, the fungus and the alga live together so closely that they appear to be one plant.

Characteristically, many look like crusty growths with some appearing more leaf-like and others hang in long, thread-like festoons from the trees. Lichens grow on rocks, walls, paving and concrete but abundantly on twigs and trunks of many trees and shrubs. leather, shells of living animals and even plastic.

Typically, they are coloured grey, white, yellow or greenish.

Fun Facts About Lichen

Your aim is to remove the lichen and leave the surface looking totally unaffected without any damage.

Your solution is too easy!  Prevention is Better Than Cure!

Make sure that you avoid the wire brush or the water blaster!

  • Any abrasive material or actions are very likely to damage the surface you are trying to clean, possibly permanently, while being only slightly likely to eradicate the lichen.
  • Brushing, scrubbing, and even water blasting can have little effect on the disfiguring little spots, and the longer they are left unchallenged, the bigger they get.
  • So, put away the wire brush or the water blaster! (Did you know that these 2 options can take 10-15 years life span off your surface and encourage the growth to come back even quicker!)
  • Be extremely careful about using ANY acidic or acid-based cleaning product.
    Feel confident in the knowledge that Wet & Forget's 2 lichen removers are safe to use on any exterior surface.
Wet and Forget Lichen Removers are Bleach Free

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