Pet Pong Gone - Pet Odour Remover

Pet Pong Gone Gets Rid of those Nasty Smells the Natural Way
Our pets are precious and part of the family!
they can leave their pet beds and other fav spots smelling very doggy or moggy and of course from time to time, they do have the odd accident which can be very messy and REALLY SMELLY!  Urine, poops or bringing up the dead rat they have just eaten, are bound to leave horrendous odours in areas like your carpet, lounge suite or the back seat of the car—well you know what we mean

How Can You Solve this Problem?

  • This powerful probiotic bacterium gobbles up smelly organic 'pet deposits'
  • It breaks down faeces, vomit and urine
  • It eliminates odours from pet beds & upholstery
  • Leaves behind H2O and CO2
  • Pet Pong Gone also removes the threat of very dangerous bacteria such as: Gastroenteritis, Hepatitis, Influenza A and many more disease carrying bacteria.  
  • Once sprayed onto the affected surface, the friendly bacteria will multiply and spread and continue to control and destroy the odour and bad bacteria for long periods.  
  • The ‘super hero’ friendly bacteria are totally safe for the whole family and precious pets.
Where Can You Use It?
Anywhere your moggy, doggy or bunny hangs out!  Pet beds, carpet, upholstery, wooden floors, porous concrete, kennels, catteries, rabbit hutches - the list goes on.
Use whenever the need arises or to control badly contaminated areas!Pet Pong Gone - Probiotic Pet Odour Remover