Get Cleaning and Do it Fast!

Water is Precious - we all know this resource is under pressure and water restrictions are a nuisance to us all.  With the easing of water restrictions, especially for Auckland, we can now

  • clean our windows,
  • clean our exterior surfaces,
  • clean our cars and boats
  • fertilise our gardens.  

With Wet and Forget Reach Nozzles, you can use water wisely, precisely and with maximum efficiency to target whatever you want to clean. Let's ensure that together we conserve water as we know every drop counts!  Complete your cleaning jobs the quick way with Wet & Forget Reach Nozzles - Absolutely nothing compares!!  Read on to see why the Wet & Forget Reach Nozzles are so amazing.Wet and Forget Reach Nozzles Ensure Quicker Applications for All Products

Rapid Application is Best for Removing Moss Mould & Lichen

Double Bubble House Shampoo Cleans Off Dirt & GrimeWindow Witch is the Best Exterior Window Cleaner on the Market

Wet & Forget Use Unique Reach Nozzles to Make Spraying Quicker

Petrol Head is The Best Car Cleaner You'll Ever UseSeaweed Tea and Seafood Soup are a Gardener's Best Friend

Use Salt Shaker Products to Prevent Salt Corrosion on Boats

Don't let the cleaning stop there!  Wet & Forget have more unique cleaning products!

Hit The Deck Cleans Dirty Decks Quickly with Immediate ResultsMarolex Sprayers Are Efficient, Durable and Made to LastShower Witch is the Best Selling Shower Cleaner for Obvious ReasonsTiger's Paw is the Best Way to remove Calcium DepositsMiss Muffet's Revenge Deals to Unwanted Spiders