Deck Cleaning is Not That Hard with 'Hit The Deck'

Hit The Deck Cleans Your Deck and Gets Rid of Ugly!

Keep Your Deck Clean and Increase Its Lifespan - Remove Ugly!

If your deck suffers from heavy contamination of lichen, moss, mould or black fungi, then 'Hit The Deck' is Your Total Solution!  These growth stains are ugly and problematic. Nobody wants to slip on a slippery deck and no-one wants costly damage to a deck's surface because of a lack of maintenance!  So, if your deck is in a bad way and the contamination is heavier than normal, then Hit The Deck will give you an instant fix with a little bit of Kiwi effort.

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All are safe & effective to remove lichen, moss, mould & black fungi.

Use Hit The Deck to Clean Up Very Blackened Dirty decks

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How to Remove Moss, Mould or Black Fungi from your Deck (or any timber surface with Hit The Deck).

  1. Choose a fine day when your deck is DRY
  2. You will need at least 4-5 hours without rain
  3. Follow instructions on the container of your choice
  4. Ensure that you have covered any plants with paper of plastic that may be in the way
  5. Keep pets off the surface until it has completely dried
  6. Let the Rapid Application or Wet & Forget do the work for you!

Give New Life to Your Deck with 'Hit The Deck' by Wet & Forget

How To Remove Lichen with Rapid Application or Wet & Forget

Lichen is a complex, multi-layered growth with a very waxy surface so it needs special treatment.

  1. Section areas off and work to a pattern.   
  2. Saturate 1st area and move on leaving it for 15 mins and then saturate again. Don't allow the surface to dry between saturations.  Doing this double spray ensures that all layers are penetrated.

How To Prevent Your Deck Becoming Heavily Contaminated

At the first sign of recurrence, treat the area with Wet and Forget again or in the summer months apply Bone Dry to seal the surface for more longevity without these growths.  These options help prevent the lichen, moss, mould or black fungi growth from taking a strong foothold.

Enjoy the outside living that a clean deck offers!