Puss Off - Testimonials

I’ve just recently purchased the Solar Powered Puss Off from you and thought I’d give a little feedback. For months I have spent a small fortune on cleaning and repellent sprays, all kinds of things from Orange peels to velcro pads....I even considered sacrificing to the Gods to stop the damn cat from marking outside my bedroom door. Such was my total frustration with this furry terrorist I began to fantasize of darker solutions, its days were looking numbered! Spending 90 odd bucks with you guys was my last throw at this bloody moggy. It is amazing how something so soft and fluffy can trigger a rage worse than being stuck in Auckland traffic.... So, I took your device, yes designed for outdoor use, and stuck it on the floor and just hoped for the best. Almost a week on and no marking, no spraying and no high blood pressure or murderous intent. In this world of hug thy neighbour, forgive and forget...I confess to giggling like a maniac when I heard the moggy trigger the device and shoot off down the hallway like a...well like a scalded cat. After months of cleaning, desperation and plotting this cats downfall. I admit to an unhealthy pleasure in the major surprise I was able to give back to her. 
Many thanks



Puss Off Works!!!!
We recently had new grey tiles laid on our front steps and porch.
Every night the neighbours' cats would climb the steps, jump down onto the side garden, do their thing then jump back up and walk back down the steps leaving a trail of dirty paw prints across the tiles.  Very annoying!  We tried all the suggested cat deterrents without success.

In desperation we purchased the Puss Off ultrasonic repeller, placed it in the garden and aimed it across the bottom step.  Since then, for approximately 10 weeks now we have had clean tiles every morning!  It is solar powered and has remained charged all this time.
A very worthwhile investment
Paul Daley


Oamaru home of 4943 shags, 612 black back gulls,319 red bill seagulls,201 terns,99 godwits 3 paradise ducks ,2 ordinary ducks plucked and 1 seal.
This adds up to a lot of soft stuff. Well the good news Puss Off,works.


I bought one of your first solar powered cat deterrents and you mentioned to me about letting you know how it goes.  It works, but I was expecting it to reach a wider range for scaring the cats.  I had a young ginger kitten that walked about 2 mtrs away from it and it didn’t seem to be put it off but maybe it was deaf??  The outcome is that it has worked, I love the way that I can move it around my section so easily.  I have cats that ‘do’ my garden at the back and front of the house and another cat goes to another corner of my garden so I leave it there for a few days and over the period of about 2 months since when I bought it, I think the cats have got the message!  I have it turned on to the high frequency range.  The cats now sit or lie at the end of my short driveway!!  I do recommend it. 
Margaret Moynihan

This is an 'unsolicited testimonial'.  I just want to say how delighted I am with the Puss Off  deterrents that we bought recently. 
We now have lots of birds coming  into our garden eating slugs and snails because we have removed all the wire netting that we had spread  around to keep cats away.
No more scratched up seed beds, and plants stay where we plant them. 
My only regret is that we didn't buy them sooner!
They are great.
Marian Griffiths