BEE Dishwasher Powder - Twinpack

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BEE (BEnvironmentally Enlightened). This twinpack of BEE Dishwasher Powder® has a special blend of enzymes that are hungrier than a teenage boy.

  • It is light years ahead of the current technology and will love your cooking as much as the family does.  Pots and pans, covered in stew will clean up in a jiffy and they'll smell nice too.

  • This, combined with our natural cleaning agents and beautiful essential oils of rosemary and spearmint, guarantees the best dishy, dishwashing powder you have ever used!

  • FREE of Nitrates, Phosphates, Ammonia & Chlorine
  • Made in NZ  / Grey Water & Septic Tank Safe
  • No animal testing / Recyclable bottles

     BEE Rinse Aid to Rejuvenate Your Dishes        BEE Glass Cleaner for Interior Window Cleaning
     BEE Multi Surface Cleaner to Cut through Grease & Grime        BEE Dish Wash Liquid For Powerful Deep Cleaning        


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