Window Witch's Invisible Liquid Squeegee

Window Witch is the 'NO Squeegee' Exterior Window Cleaner

For streak free and spot free professional results
........without hiring the professionals!

Get Cleaner Windows with Window Witch Exterior Window CleanerCheck out The Window Witch DifferenceUse the Reach Nozzle to Soap up Dirty Windows

Reach height of 8 metres / 2 storeys
with our revolutionary Reach Nozzle!

Use one of our Microfibre Lances to get rid of extra grime

Thoroughly Rinse Soap Suds off With Window Witch Window CleanerWindow Witch Doesn't use a Squeegee.  Water Just Beads off.Window Witch is Easy to Use.  Just follow the Instructions.See the Difference When You Use Window Witch Exterior Window CleanerChoose Your Window Witch Pack SizeBuy the Window Witch Extras to Get an Even Better Result