Weeding and Feeding the Organic Way

How to get rid of weeds with Hitman organic weedkillerHitman Weed Killer is an incredibly fast, non selective weed killer, derived from plant fatty acids to get rid of those pesky broadleafed weeds - perfect for cobblestone areas, bases of trees, borders, boundaries, or anywhere broadleafed weeds grow.There is an easier way to week than by pulling them out by handHitman ORGANIC Weed Killer is totally natural and biodegradable.  
Hitman ORGANIC Weed Killer is not systemic & contains no hormones.
Hitman ORGANIC Weed Killer has an amazing 2 hour knockdown time!
Hitman ORGANIC Weed Killer is endorsed by Ruud Kleinpaste.
Hitman ORGANIC Weed Killer comes as a concentrate and as a RTU.
Hitman ORGANIC Weed Killerleaves no eco-toxic residues.Hitman ORGANIC Weed Killer is endorsed by Ruud Kleinpaste.
Hitman ORGANIC Weed Killer comes as a concentrate and as a RTU.
Hitman ORGANIC Weed Killer leaves no eco-toxic residues.Hitman is an organic weedkillerHitman Weedkiller has a 2 hour knockdown timeHitman Weed Killer - Buy NowGardeners know the value of seaweed and fish scrapsFish scraps are great for the garden
  • Seafood Soup is our potent fish fertiliser to feed the plants.  It's just what the plants want to eat.  
  • Seafood Soup is the perfect, balanced diet, direct from the ocean as 100% fish protein, hydrolised into absorbable nutrients with more preserved vitamins, proteins and micro nutrients.  
  • No fishy smell at all!  It also gives a massive boost to soil health!  
  • Fish oil is a natural insecticide so this means less chemical sprays! 
  • NPK ratios are critical.  Seafood Soup has these in the correct proportions so that you'll get the results of a market gardener.
Seaweed Tea and Seafood Soup - Buy NowGardeners know the value of Seaweed in the garden

Seaweed Tea boosts plant & soil health.  Seaweed Tea is like a plant vaccination to help enhance the natural immune system of the plants.  It builds up an increased resistance to pest attack and plant disease or stress related setbacks eg droughts.

We all know the value of seaweed!  It is a plant's natural 'bodyguard' and our product is not crushed.  It is 'burst' open using new cell burst technology to give a higher concentration of goodness that also helps improve soil health by enhancing friendly biota in the soil.

Gardening products that are a must have!