Best Tips from Wet & Forget Product Range

Best Wet and Forget Tips
Dirty Jandals?
After time at the beach, your summer footwear can look like it has been through a war zone.
1. Spray with Shower Witch
2. Give them a light scrub and warm rinse.
They'll look like new!
Want a Garden of Eden?
For best results, apply Seaweed Tea (powerful plant/soil tonic) then Seafood Soup (potent ocean fresh fish fertiliser) every 2-3 weeks during growth times. It's a foliar & root spray but root zone is more important. These specialised organic products are just what your plants want to absorb!
Need to Rejuvenate your BBQ?
Shower Witch is an amazing degreaser to remove years of grime, fat & buildup from your BBQ!
1. Spray plate, inside of lid & any grease build up
2. Leave overnight. Wash off with hot water
3. Be sure to double rinse hot plate before cooking
Smelly Shoes/Sneakers
1. Mix ½ cup Wet & Forget concentrate in a bucket and 2 Tablespoons Baking Soda together.
2. Fill with warm water & leave overnight.
3. Thoroughly rinse out in fresh water the following day. NB: Some poor quality glues may come off.
Want to Relax & Enjoy a Better View?
Window Witch - the best window cleaner with 8m Reach Nozzle-2 storeys high! Secret to success - do a few windows at a time so product doesn’t dry on windows. After initial soap spray, rinse thoroughly above & to the sides of the soap lines to avoid annoying soap streaking. 
Wanting Clarity on Shower Glass?
Tiger's Paw cuts the minerals off the glass surface. Best tip - don’t be afraid to give it plenty of ‘oomph'. If needed, have someone on the other side of the door to enable more pressure. Exfoliate those water spots easily like nothing else does
Control Annoying Spiders and Webs
We all know the value of spiders but at times they can be a nuisance. Miss Muffet's Revenge has a 4m reach, spray gun for jet /spray. Turn gun upside down for difficult areas. Use under soffits, bricks, bushes, wood piles, under decks, your car etc
Nuisance Oil Stains!
Fresh oil stains don’t need to be an eyesore
1. Spray liberally on the fresh stain, your Shower Witch
2. Agitate with a scrubbing brush
3. Leave for 12 hours
4. Agitate again & hose off with hot water
Outdoor Furniture Also Needs Attention!
Hit The Deck is the #1 deck cleaner on the market & it’s amazing for outdoor furniture.  Your secret weapon is a short, hard-bristled brush to remove the contamination. The grime peels off like marshmallow when you do the final hose down.
 Venetians Blinds are Easy to Revitalise.
1. Hang outside on clothes line. 2. Spray Shower Witch on the blinds 3. Leave for 4 hrs. Then rinse off with hose. Hey presto! Amazing results! 
Invasion of Small Unwanted Animals?
Pesky Critter is a solar powered, water repeller (10m range). Gives harmless burst of water to scare unwanted small animals. Tip - keep moving it so target doesn’t get used to avoiding that position. Children love playing around it as a fun sprinkler.
BEE Laundry Whitener - the most ecological way of bleaching other than sunshine itself. Brighten your whites & remove tough stains with its oxygen based formulation. Much better alternative to chlorine products or irritating artificial brighteners. 
Washing Machines Need TLC too!
Shower Witch is our amazing degreaser to remove scum build up. Helps inhibit mould growth esp on front loader inner seals
1. Spray empty machine & agitator.  
2. Leave overnight
3. Do empty hot wash load to dissolve all build up.
For Clean, Glistening Jewellery!
Easiest solution to keeping that jewellery sparkling!
1. Place in a small container
2. Spray with Shower Witch until covered or submerged. 
3. Leave for 10mins - 1 hour
4. Use a soft toothbrush to gently brush
5. Place in a sieve and give a hot water rinse

Dishwasher Magic!
They all get a build up but the solution is so easy!
1. Spray the empty dishwasher with Shower Witch
2. Add Rangehood filters to the same wash for extra value and leave overnight
3. Hot rinse while still empty