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Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer

Do You Have  Problem With Water Spotting On Your Shower Door?

Shower Glass Restorer is for 'hard water deposits' (water spotting) on your shower glass.

Ever since we released the amazing Shower Witch to clean soap scum and body oils off shower surfaces, our customers have been asking for another specialised product to remove hard mineral deposits (water spotting) off shower glass doors. We are proud of Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer which cuts the build up of minerals off the glass surface!   It really just exfoliates them off so that you can see through your glass again!

What is the Cause of the Problem?

In most areas worldwide, our domestic water supply contains undissolved minerals. These manifest themselves as an opaque, whitish residue on glass, shower doors. It is not dissimilar to a build-up of soap scum. The main difference is that no shower cleaning product or any amount of elbow grease will remove it.

Is Your Shower Glass Door Hard to Clean?

Tigers Paw is the Best Solution to Remove Calcium Deposits Off Shower Doors

How do we fix it?

Our Tiger’s Paw Shower Glass Restorer is the answer.
Claw back your pristine glass from the past with this easy do- it-yourself tool. 
Tiger's Paw cuts the minerals off the glass surface!

Rejuvenate your shower glass in 3 easy steps 
How To Use Tigers Paw Shower Glass Restorer

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