Simplify Organic Gardening

Gardeners, Gardeners, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

With Seafood Soup & Seaweed Tea

Just as nature wants it to be!

Seaweed Tea is nature's plant bodyguard
  • Seaweed Tea is a bio stimulant to BOOST PLANT GROWTH & SOIL HEALTH.
  • This health tonic helps fight against pest attacks & plant diseases.
  • Seaweed Tea is your plant's very own personal 'bodyguard'.
  • Seaweeds generally contain 10x more mineral nutrients than land plants.
  • Seaweed Tea is high in nitrogen, postash, iodine and calcium.
  • This stimulates seed germination, improves water & nutrient uptake.
Seafood Soup is a potent fish fertiliser to give you the best growth
  • You could grind up fish parts to make your own fertiliser!
  • You could bury fish parts at the roots of your plants!
  • This RTU ocean fresh fertiliser is so easy to apply.
  • We have emulsified the fish so no decomposition time or dogs digging them up!
  • Seafood Soup is the BEST FERTILISER you'll ever use!
  • Fish oil acts as a natural insecticide.  There's NO fishy smell either.
Hitman Organic Weedkiller is perfect for broadleafed weeds
  • Hitman is a unique & effective ORGANIC WEEDKILLER.
  • Hitman has a 2 hour knockdown time (Can't beat that!).
  • Perfect for those pesky broadleafed weeds around the house.
  • Hitman is derived from plant fatty acids.
  • Hitman is safe to use & is biodegradable.
  • Hitman leaves no eco toxic residue.

Seaweed Tea and Seafood Soup is an amazing combo for your garden
Hitman Organic Weedkiller is perfect for broadleafed weeds