Let Shower Witch Be Your Best Shower Cleaner

Shower Witch works on so many surfaces:

Marble, Porcelain tiles and toilets, Stone, Acrylic Glass, Enamel, Plastic, Stainless Steel and Chrome. Washing Machines, Rangehoods, Fresh Oil Stains, Jewellery, BBQs, Diesel Residue on Boat Transoms and Inflatable Tenders

Surfaces to Clean with Shower Witch

If you haven't made the switch to Shower Witch  then check out why you should.
Let Shower Witch Be Your Best Shower and Bathroom Cleaner!

  • Shower Witch is so easy to use as it comes with its own applicator gun which gets stored safely back in the handle.
  • Shower Witch dissolves all the soap scum and body oils that build up without any of that aggressive chemistry. It is an amazing degreaser!
  • Shower Witch is septic tank safe!
  • Shower Witch has a gentle vanilla essence fragrance.

Shower Witch is the number 1 Shower Cleaner