Shower Witch IS Magical

Shower Witch Gets Rid of Oil StainsWhile unloading the shopping from the car, I broke a bottle of olive oil onto the driveway.  I grabbed an old towel to mop it up and realized this was
a sticky mess.  Remembering one of their helpful tips - I quickly sprayed some shower witch over it and gave the area a good scrub, left it overnight
and hosed it down the following morning.  Guess what?  I now have a stain free driveway!
Cleaning oil stains with Shower Witch
I decided to tackle the car servicing myself to save a few $$$.  Everything went according to plan including fitting a new oil filter to the engine block. 
I did not know that there was a major manufacturing fault and when the engine was restarted - it lost 8L oil.  It was a right roil mess! The trusty
Shower Witch and scrubbing brush attacked the spill and I have a mark free driveway once again

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