Top Pest Control Products

Miss Muffet's Revenge is perfect for spider controlMiss Muffet's Revenge is for long term spider and cobweb control.  RTU with a 4m jet spray for those higher, hard to reach areas.

Cockroaches will be gone with Bugga Off Bug ControlBugga Off targets cockroaches, fleas, slaters and other annoying bugs.  RTU. 

Ants In Ya Pants gets rid of those queens and their nests
Ants In Ya Pants is made with natural ingredients.  This bait is delicious to ants. The workers take it back to the nest to wipe out the Queen and the entire colony.

Pesky Critter uses water spurts to scare unwanted visitors

When the sensor in Pesky Critter is triggered, a burst of harmless water fires towards the unwanted intruder, scaring them away from the area.

Cheesed Off for Mice and Rat eradication

Cheesed Off mouse and rat traps are durable and lockable.  So easy to bait with amazing results!