Pest Control Doesn't Need To Get Out Of Control

Pest Control Products by Wet & Forget

When it comes to smart products, Wet & Forget is very much out there with an innovative range of pest control products for every need. Check out the range below and ensure that your pest problems no longer annoy or frustrate you. All of the below pest problems are simple and easy to use pest solutions. Rember: Our products work. You don't!

Bye Bye Fly to Get Rid of Pesky FliesBye Bye Fly Keeps Flies Away From Selected Areas. 
Bye Bye Fly Repellent is designed to repel flies away from food on your table, BBQ, outdoor picnic or wherever the pesky little critters might try to ruin your lunch, picnic or dinner party whether it be inside or outside dining. The soft, rotating wings of the quiet Bye Bye Fly repellent have a reflective pattern which rotates and causes a major disturbance to the flies.  Therefore, they avoid the threat like the plague!

Miss Muffet's Revenge for Spider ControlMiss Muffet's Revenge® Spider Control is a long term exterior & interior spider control which provides an impassable barrier to spiders. 
Miss Muffet's Revenge® Spider Control is "ready to use" with its own applicator (has jet and spray nozzle adjustments).

Ants In Ya Pants for Ant ControlAnts In Ya Pants® is for total Ant Control to get rid of any nuisance invasion of ants from all around the house.
The gel in Ants In Ya Pants® is slow acting to allow time for it to be introduced to the ant nest - usually up to one week for optimal results.
Ants In Ya Pants® comes with 4 bait stations for easy use to protect bird life and to keep the product fresh for longer.

Puss Off to Get Rid of Cats Dogs and Small AnimalsPuss Off® Outdoor Cat Deterrent is a smart, ultrasonic/solar powered deterrent for cats. Also works well with dogs, mice and other rodents, birds, opossums and hedgehogs.
Puss Off® Outdoor Cat Deterrent provides a safe but effective deterrent to protect areas - both day & night from unwanted visitors.
Puss Off® Outdoor Cat Deterrent protects your garden, plants or sandbox without chemicals or fences.
When cats come within the range the Puss Off® automatic cat deterrent, it emits a sudden burst of ultrasonic sound (at a frequency most humans can't hear). The sound and light startles cats and other animals and teaches them to stay away.

Pesky Critter Repeller - water Repeller for annoying animalsThe Pesky Critter® is solar powered and uses rechargeable batteries.
The Pesky Critter® motion-activated sprinkler, automatically detects deer, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, hedgehogs, birds, ducks and more .... as they approach.
The Pesky Critter® repels them with a short but startling burst of water.  The sudden noise, movement and spray, scares the 'unwanted' animals away and teaches them to avoid the area in the future. 

Bugga Off for Crawly Bug ControlBugga Off® is for long Term Bug Control.
Bugga Off® targets all crawly, 6 legged bugs and is especially good for Cockroaches and Fleas.  
Bugga Off® comes in a 2L 'Ready To Use' container with adjustments on the nozzle for spray and jet options.

Rat Catcher's RevengeRat Catcher's Revenge® is a do-it-yourself pest controller to repels rodents (rats and mice) and small insects without ever lifting a finger.   Just plug it in!


Cheesed Off for RatsCheesed Off For Rats® eradicates those nuisance rats the easy way. Safe for children & other animals.
Durable and lockable, the Cheesed Off® Rat Trap will prevent accidental contact (with the trap/bait) by children or pets and provide protection from the weather when used outdoors.

Cheesed Off Mice CatcherCheesed Off For Mice® eradicates those mice the easy and safe way.
Cheesed Off® MouseTrap comes with a powerful 'easy to set' trap. This trap can be removed and replaced with a rodent bait if preferred but cheese and peanut butter are often more readily available.
Durable and lockable, the Cheesed Off®  Mouse Trap will prevent accidental contact (with the trap/bait) by children or pets and provide protection from the weather when used outdoors.