How To Clean Concrete Driveways

Clean Up Your Driveway Quickly by Using Rapid ApplicationIf you think that a water blaster to remove moss, mould or lichen off your concrete driveway is OK. Seriously think again!

Most people believe that concrete is solid and almost invincible. However, using a water blaster with the wrong tip or using too much pressure or a combination of the two can etch concrete. When you use a water blaster to clean moss mould or lichen off concrete, it actually takes about 10 to 12 yrs life, OFF the surface. The damage is very visible in the form of pitting, lines or general surface degradation and in most cases this damage is irreversible.Wet and Forget Driveway Cleaners Will Not Damage Your DrivewayWet and Forget or Rapid Application Do Not Damage Concrete DrivewaysWith bricks, you can also damage the mortar between them.
With pavers you can break up and disperse the joint sand between them.

Non Invasive Approach Doesn't Damage Surfaces
That’s why Wet & Forget and Rapid Application are your best solutions as they do the work for you. Wet & Forget and Rapid Application also get into the pores of the porous concrete to give you a more effective clean.

For The Best Results to Clean Your Concrete Driveway:
for Moss Removal / Black Fungi Removal 

  • Apply to a cool concrete surface, preferably on an overcast day. This will keep the concrete surface wet with the solution for longer. 
  • Make sure the surface is dry in order to get the best penetration of the contaminated growth with the least amount of evaporation.
  • Total saturation of the surface with this product is essential in order to obtain a good kill of the fungi, algae, lichen, moss & algae which infests these surfaces.
  • If the surface is particularly bad, do another application approximately one month from the first application but this is usually not necessary except in the worst case scenario.
  • Then allow the surface to weather naturally and nature will take its course. The growth decomposes while the rain gently removes it from the surface over time. Let Mother Nature do her thing!
  • This should be part of your annual maintenance programme to ensure the contamination doesn't get out of control.

Choose the Product that Suits you for Moss Mould and Lichen Removal