Eco Friendly Laundry & Kitchen Products

Let our laundry powder do all your dirty laundryThis eco friendly laundry powder and liquid, I’LL DO ALL YOUR DIRTY WORK, uses a small amount for extraordinary value.  Uses plant based ingredients and natural minerals to be gentle on your clothes.  It’s also extra kind to those with skin sensitivities like eczema or dermatitis. You'll love the essential oils of bergamot, patchouli and lavender.This eco friendly laundry whitener, I’LL MAKE IT ALL WHITE, will see your whites brought back to life! This is the most ecological of bleaching processes (other than sunshine) and is your alternative to products made of chlorine or irritating artificial brighteners.  Made with South Pacific kawakawa and the active ingredients are oxygen based, leaving your clothes smelling beautiful.This Multi Surface Cleaner, I’LL MAKE EVERYTHING SHINE, cuts through grease and grime using naturally powerful ingredients in conjunction with the essential oils of eucalyptus, spearmint and lemongrass. Especially safe on all food surfaces.The blend of enzymes in this dishwashing powder, I’M PRETTY DISHY DARLING, is hungrier than a teenage boy!  With our natural cleaning agents and the essential oils of rosemary and spearmint, you'll be assured of getting amazing results.  Clean up all those dirty pots and pans in a jiffy. 

This high performance Rinse Aid, I’LL GIVE YOU SOME SPARKLE, is the best anti-aging serum for your dishes.  You'll feel as though you have a housemaid inside your machine, polishing your plates clean.

While LET ME DO YOUR DISHES does the hard work for you, it's so very nice on your hands with its natural ingredients like coconut and sugar. This dishwashing cleaner makes short work of grease and grime while the spearmint cools and refreshes!From the BEE Range (Be Environmentally Enlightened) – this eco friendly interior glass and mirror cleaner, YOU CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH ME, is a top performer!  Get effortless and streak free cleaning without the suffocating fumes.

Kitchens are for cooks!  Let us do your dirty work!

Let us clean your dirty laundry.  No-one will ever know!