Getting to the Root of it All For Spring Time Growth

Springtime is Gardening TimeGive your garden a boost with Seafood Soup and Seaweed TeaGrow the best vegetables with Seafood Soup and Seaweed TeaGardeners all know the value of seaweed and fish scrapsCheck out why our Seaweed Tea is so Good
  • Is grown in pollution free waters and 100% of the seaweed is used
  • It is not crushed – it is ‘burst’ open using new cell burst technology to give a higher
    Check out why our Seaweed Tea is so Good
    concentration of goodness
  • Is high in amino acids so it fortifies the cells and boosts plant growth
  • Helps your plants resist pest attacks and stress related setbacks eg droughts
  • Helps to improve soil health by enhancing friendly biota in the soil
  • Helps protects your garden from disease and pest attack.  We call it the ‘plant bodyguard’
Check out why our Seafood Soup is so Good
Check out why our Seafood Soup is so Good
  • Is a potent, hard core fertiliser –it’s worth its weight in gold
  • Is just what your plants want to eat!  It’s the ultimate plant food!
  • Comes to you direct from the ocean loaded with trace elements
  • Is like thousands of seabirds dropping organic nutrients onto your garden
  • Has NO fishy odour at all!
  • Contains fish oil which acts as a natural insecticide.
  • Is 100% fish protein, hydrolysed into absorbable nutrients which preserves more vitamins, proteins and micro-nutrients
Ruud Kleinpaste gives advice on using Seafood Soup and Seaweed Tea

Ruud's Advice

We're now coming out of the dormant time for plants.  The winter sleep time was the ‘housework’ time for the roots ie recharging their batteries for better fruiting the following year.....and here we are again at that time...all ready to go!

Apply Seafood Soup and Seaweed Tea in early spring when the soil temperature is warmer (there is no growth when it is cold so you are wasting your time). 

Continue to apply every 1-2 weeks until the soil is no longer warm (approx. mid autumn)

Roots are the powerhouse of the plant so always target this area in particular in your spraying.  Seafood Soup and Seaweed Tea are perfect for foliar and root spraying.  Much of the overspray drops down to the root zone anyway.
Lawns Just Love being Sprayed with Seafood Soup and Seaweed TeaSee How these products have improved the quality of the grass during a droughtLawns
Use all year round for rich and healthy, green lawns..........
But you will end up mowing it once a week just like the green keepers do!
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