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Say Goodbye to Those Nuisance Water Spots on Your Shower Glass Door

Sick of trying to look through those infuriating calcium deposits or water spotting on your shower door?

Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer will rejuvenate your shower glass doors when nothing else will

Check out the amazing differences below

See the Difference That Tiger's Paw MakesThe cutting edge technology in a Tiger's Paw block, 'exfoliates' those nuisance mineral deposits straight off your shower door.Tiger's paw is the ONLY Way to Get Rid of Calcium Deposits on Shower Doors

In most areas worldwide, our domestic water supply contains undissolved minerals. These manifest themselves as opaque whitish residue on glass. 
No shower cleaning product or any amount of elbow grease  will removes this build up. That was until we launched Tiger's Paw! 
This 'Do It Yourself' tool is all you need!  Even comes with a spare block.
No tradesmen needed!
Remember to maintain your shower surfaces with Shower Witch as Nothing Else Compares!