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Thank you! - Bridget Maber

After wasting hundreds of dollars on various other products, hiring carpet cleaners and countless hours of time spent trying to remove the stench of cat pee from my carpets and curtains, I was skeptical.  But after just 5 minutes and one application of Pet Pong Gone, its like magic!!! This product completely lives up to its claims and has eliminated the overpowering aroma of my 4 cats efforts claim the territory.  Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!  I have been too embarrassed by the stink to invite people into my home and now after nearly 2 years of dealing with the constant stress of trying to clean up cat pee unsuccessfully, tonight I'm having guests over and there's not a whiff of anything offensive. The only thing my friends will smell will be dinner cooking!

The stink is gone! - Meredith
Every morning I've been haunted by the stink of a toilet training puppy in the house but last night I sprayed the house with pong be gone and this morning I got up and the ghost of accidents past are gone! Such a relief!
I bought the two litre bottle of Pet Pong Gone and I've still got half a bottle left after spraying all the common room areas of a 5 bedroom house which will be plenty for any accident that I'm sure are going to happen as the toilet training continues but at least I can stop tearing my hair out over the stink!

Where all else fails - Sylvia
Right now the sun is shining on my leather couch which, up until today, highlighted the foul smell of persistent cat spraying. I'd tried every product I could and numerous home remedies but NOW...this Pet Pong Gone has, after one application, removed the odour completely!! I'm so happy about this. I was tearing my hair I can let it grow back!

Wowwww amazing
This Pet Pong Gone is absolutely amazing, I tried many products to get rid of cat pee smell none worked till I tried this I sprayed the infected areas and then 1hour later the smell had almost completely disappeared.

Pet Pong Gone - Sandra Millaine
Honestly this is the best product ever. I have 8 exotic inside cat's and 2 big dogs, so of course accidents happen. I have tried absolutely everything on the market even oversea's cleaners. The Pet Pong Gone arrived last week and I immediately put it to the test. I am amazed my house smells lovely and no stale smells from weeks gone by. Wet&Forget Thank You so much for this I will definitely be purchasing more when needed. I don't normally give reviews but this one is totally deserved :)

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